Natural Splendor Bombarded By More Garbage – February 11, 2012

Ted Halstead and Friday morning's pile of debris along Liscom Slough. KLH | Eye

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

LISCOM SLOUGH/JACKSON RANCH ROAD – As dawn’s rosy fingers crept over the Arcata Bottom along Liscom Slough last Friday, Feb 10, they revealed to Ted Halstead the hideous pile of debris above, which included all manner of wretched refuse.

Three things we know:

1. That we have absolutely no idea who did the dumping.

2. That the envelope below was found in the garbage.

3. That the return addressee, Arthur Criner was arrested November 9 in Eureka. Here’s the EPD press release:

Arthur Criner

“On 11/09/11, at about 3:50 PM, POP investigators spotted a wanted fugitive, Arthur Thomas Criner (age 50 of Eureka), walking near Myrtle and West Ave. Criner had five confirmed warrants for his arrest stemming from five separate cases (misdemeanor and felony). This included a POP drug sales search warrant service on the 1100 block of O Street in June 2011 (Criner was arrested and booked by POP for possession of a controlled substance for sale). Criner was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Jail where he was booked on his warrants alleging the following offenses: burglary, petty theft, driving while license suspended or revoked, unlawful possession of prescription medication, being under the influence of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct (prostitution), resisting/obstructing a peace officer, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance for sale.”

Think globally, act to strew your unwanted body sluffage all over the ground in a natural area locally. Photo courtesy Ted Halstead

Later that day, when Ted returned to collect the mess for disposal, a car was parked nearby, with a blonde woman chopping her hair off and throwing it on the ground under the “No Dumping” sign.

“She had a ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ bumper sticker on her car, along with what appeared to be boxes of junk in her car,” Ted said. “She asked me if I lived nearby and why I was picking the trash up. I told her, because I cared and that I thought it was a nice area.”

The previous week's harvest of horror included a trail of discarded children's toys, books and other household items.

Meanwhile, the railing along the little bridge over Liscom Slough on Jackson Ranch Road has been marked with a tag by the Norteño gang.

Photo courtesy Ted Halstead

Photo courtesy Ted Halstead


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  3. anon.r.mous said:

    You can also get the game cameras at your local Walmart for less….well, first you have to get a local Walmart, but they do have the camo cameras for pretty cheap.

    It’s shit, but it would work, and be reusable. There are other ones.

    But it depends if you really want to put any effort into getting the dumpers, or would just like to bitch about it.

  4. Lawrence Agaier said:

    I’m an environmental code enforcement officer in Texas and have been very successful in catching and prosecuting local dumpers using the small Wild Game Innovations 6.0MP Digital Scouting Camera. They cost less than $100 each (I have 10 of them) and will run day & night for about 10-days on 8 AA-batteries. They are motion activated, are activated out to around 60-ft., can be set to shot without flash using inferred at night and with an 8G SD card will hold over 5000 photos. I notice dozen of locations where one could be located along the fence in the photos in this article. I do lose one every once in a while but they are cheap enough that so far success outweighs the losses. And, I have set them cross covering an area and even caught an individual who tried to steal one of the cameras. Bottom line, the dumpers have to be lucky every time, I only have to get lucky once.

  5. charlotte said:

    Thank you, thank you Ted for removing the trash. Now that the recycling center has closed, I imagine dumping will get worse. Maybe a weekly article about what is being dumped would bring more attention to the problem. I frequently kayak in that area and I was under the assumption that the dumping had declined because it was generally clean, did not know Ted was cleaning it up. I hope he doesn’t have to pay dumping fees.

  6. Larry said:

    Great idea. Lets start placing cameras everywhere.. Where does it stop?
    What happens when I park my car in front of your house with a camera inside of it recording you?

  7. Rich said:

    Just public policy in action. This is what you get when you charge fees for waste disposal.

  8. Ian Ray said:

    Kevin, if you are serious… this slough cam would need a tall pole, 50W solar/battery power, and gunshot-resistant housing. A “sidewinder” camera would be optimal for capturing movement. This seems more complicated than the pre-fabricated plaza bathroom.

  9. kevpod said:

    Recently someone said that siting a public restroom in Arcata is easy – near the Plaza! Yes, but where, exactly? At what location do we have the property or permission, the proper utilities etc.?

    Mounting cameras on the Arcata Bottom poses the same challenge. Yes, we need them near the dumping spots, but where, exactly? They’d have to be solar-powered, and would be costly items. Where can we put them that they wouldn’t be stolen or vandalized by the same cretins who crap up the landscape?

  10. CP said:

    As far as the Noreno tag, just give me a can of silver spray paint and I’ll have it gone in 5 minutes.


    I’d bet for less than a thousand, a simple battery operated camera system could be in place……problem is ya don’t want it stolen….out the evidence and the camera….. better yet, people travel by road to drop their crap off…..maybe other points leading to site are more secureable for a camera?



  12. Yo Ho Ho said:

    One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Arcata just has to find the other man.

  13. Ian Ray said:

    I would disagree about locations to install cameras. The problem is the cost for an appropriate camera solution out there would exceed the cost of good cleanup equipment by several thousand dollars.

  14. bigwilson said:

    funny how everyone has an opinion on what to do but….. nobody will actually do anything to help so very sad humboldt.

  15. Johnny said:

    Um…there’s giant feilds surrounding the area that are perfect for a stakeout. A little camo goes a long way…

  16. Aldaron Laird said:

    Maybe installing some hidden cameras like what are used to photograph wildlife at night could be used to get the license plate numbers of these people who think the world is their garbage can. Might be good field training for some HSU wildlife biologists.

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