Natalynne DeLapp: Hagen Helping Crush Progressivism – October 28, 2010

Paul Hagen has repeatedly represented to the Humboldt County progressives that he has their best interests at heart.  If that is Mr. Hagen's goal, Mr. Hagen must know that the actions he continues to take to tear down our District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, are directly assisting Allison Jackson and the conservative movement to eviscerate Humboldt County's progressive movement.

Paul Hagen recently sent a letter to the Arcata Eye claiming that Paul Gallegos is not an alternative now that Mr. Hagen is no longer in the running.  Mr. Hagen makes many broad based and generalized attacks on Mr. Gallegos in that letter such as claiming Mr. Gallegos deliberately smeared his opponent and lied doing it.  He also makes many dated and petty attacks.  Even the editor of the Arcata Eye admitted that he does not believe Mr. Gallegos has engaged in this smear type behavior – recognizing the smearing has generally come from anonymous supporters for both sides.

Unfortunately, the conservative movement has been celebrating their new hero, Paul Hagen and hoping to ride the infighting among liberals to victory.  Paul Hagen's letters condemning Paul Gallegos are displayed prominently on a local blog called Watch Paul, which is the same site promoting Allison Jackson's candidacy and filled with negative smear tactic character assassinations of Mr. Gallegos – the same type of tactics Mr. Hagen claims he abhors.  The Watch Paul blog which is now posting Mr. Hagen's articles states the following:

"The original purpose of WatchPaul is to post important documents relating to Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos and his handlers who seek to gain power through the acquisition of political offices. This includes, but is not limited to, the manipulations of "Humboldt Watershed Council," "EPIC," "Baykeeper," and other activist groups - the unregulated orgs."

In other words, Paul Hagen, whether knowingly or unwittingly, is providing "documents" about Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos that are now being used in a coordinated effort to crush our important progressive groups such as Humboldt Watershed Council, EPIC, Baykeeper, and other progressive groups.

We all hope and believe that Paul Hagen is not doing this intentionally, but the fact remains that is simply irresponsible for Paul Hagen to help tear down the progressive movement that so many of us worked so hard to create (long before Paul Hagen moved here).  Mr. Hagen has privately questioned Allison Jackson's ethics and commitments to progressive causes, but refuses to do so publicly.  Why?

Paul Hagen does not like Paul Gallegos - we get that.  But does he really want to spite the local progressive movement just to settle a score? In the words of scripture:  When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Cor 13.

Natalynne DeLapp
Campaign Manager
Citizens for District Attorney Paul Gallegos 2010



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  1. Robert Benson said:

    Susan McGee,
    Mr. Gallegos, no doubt, cares for his family; the issues are does he care for other people’s families and is he a competent prosecutor? He is cool, enjoyable to be around, and has a healthy sense of liberty; however, he is not a well seasoned prosecutor, even, after these eight years (see Grand Jury Report). He has a bright future as a defense attorney, no one can take that away from him. Let defense attorneys be defenses attorneys and prosecutors be prosecutors. I really like Paul, personally, he is just an incorrigible defense attorney; not to mention the most well known one in Humboldt. Paul will do just fine in private practice.

  2. Susan McGee said:

    I hope these turn of events will be a blow to dogmatism and knee jerk thinking everywhere, but especially in Humboldt County where the fundamentalists of the left are almost equal to the fundamentalists of the right.
    I’ve been in progresive movements (anti-war, environmental, food, queer issues, etc since 1969).
    My foci right now is intersectional analysis, feminisms, community organizing, domestic violence.
    I’ve been involved in women’s issues since 1965; did my first demonstration against bad lunchroom food in 7th grade. We grassroots folks are rebels. We don’t like being lied to. I feel sorry for the author of this piece, and deeply sorry for Mr. Gallegos who I personally know cares deeply for his family. Please stop.

  3. Robert Benson said:

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I love Cannabis more than anyone I know. However, Paul Gallegos’ record on child abuse, in this meth/corruption saturated county, is wildly indefensible. Ignorance of the facts is the only excuse for supporting Paul Gallegos for District Attorney.

    Consider this: under Gallegos’ watch, Angela Barff-Eib, repeatedly, informs the authorities that her husband -who has a correctional officer friend- is molesting their children. The authorities do nothing. A custody battle ensues and the only inquiry into the molestation allegations is one question by a judge in open court. Husband answers, “No” and Angela is, subsequently, advised by authorities to seek a psychologist. Angela pays $1000 to see Dr. Vanoni, who tells her that there is no need to finish the evaluation, as she (Angela) is obviously mentally competent. Dr. Vanoni lies in court, saying Angela is delusional. Dr. Vanoni, also, evaluated me and lied in court, however, I thought to record the interview; though, no authorities will review it, including Gallegos. Without stating cause, Angela’s attorney is switched. The new attorney’s marital partner works for the local adoption agency and, before long, Angela’s children are in the custody of the adoption agency. The details are horrific. I may not have, even, believed Angela, if I had not received two malicious psych evaluations; one from Dr. Ramirez and one from Dr. Vanoni. I regret not recording Dr. Ramirez’s evaluation. I will cooperate with any inquiries into this matter, not that I think anyone, around here, cares.

  4. RAP said:

    Apparantly “Progressive” is the new name for dope grower.

  5. Paul Hooker said:

    I would think that Natalynne would welcome the truth, after all, Gallegos runs on honesty and integrity, and leads by example. Hagen is not dividing anyone, that started when Gallegos took office.

    As for Paul treating everyone equal, I don’t think so. If I shot someone in the back as they were leaving my home, after invading it, I would be thrown in jail. Not the two backshooters who were illegally growing pot.

    Rose, thank you for being brave enough to make public the information you have posted. I just hope no trumped up charges are brought against you.

  6. Anon said:


    Thanks for illustrating my point. Who’s fault is it that moderate voices have no where else to turn? Keep alienating them at your own peril.

  7. What? Where? said:

    So Hagen has this huge bombshell in his piece noting that the DA got spanked by the California District Attorney’s Association for his misconduct in handling Skilled Healthcare, and Natalimp’s “Save the Progressives” rant totally ignores it?
    What elephant? What gorilla? Where?

  8. Anon. said:

    Rose Welsh (Allison Jackson’s Republican campaign manager) on the Ground Zero Mosque Proposal:

    “No new mosque should be allowed within 50 miles of that site. Or in that state or in this country for that matter, until those who planned 9/11 are dead, and their murderous jihad has ended forever.

    Bowing and scraping dishonors the innocents who died that day.”

    Posted by Rose at 7/18/2010 11:07:00 PM…/peace-seeking-muslims-pls-understand.html

    Hmmm….I’d say that is the opposite of “progressive” and in fact down right unconstitutional and racist.

    Is this the type of person the people of Humboldt County want bending the ear of their DA?

    Allison Jackson a DINO, winking hard at her right-wing republican backers.

  9. Anon said:

    If anyone is damaging progressive politics, it is the so-called Humboldt Progressives. Their ends justify the means, hate filled tactics of division are ripping the local Democratic party apart. I doubt Barack Obama could have scored the endorsement of the local committee had he run for Arcata City Council. Unfortunately, I fear such scorched earth tactics will have long term ramifications as more and more moderate voices are pushed out of the tent. Once upon a time my party stood for tolerance, it now seems to have become what it once stood against. I only hope things change before it is too late.

    By the way, l find it interesting that Ms. DeLapp chose not to refute anything Mr. Hagen said. Her point seemed to be that, yeah we know he’s a fraud, but he’s our fraud.

  10. Davesknothere said:

    I agree with Cadiamont this a local race. As far as you Ms Delapp. I guess you don’t read the comment sections remarks in all the newspapers.There is on the Gallegos supporter side name calling and some of the most dissrespctfull coments I have ever seen in an election and on the Jackson supporter side it’s been mostly civil.Sixty percent of the people voted against him in the primary and if people were informed and watched all the debates more would have.

  11. kevpod said:

    We even have the first Biblical reference. Oh dear, do we really want to bring that into this?

  12. history said:


    The use of the word progressive by Natalynn and Jeff Schwartz to create frenzy and fear reminds me of a campaign that started somewhere around 8 years ago when the republicans wanted to stop the questioning of the Iraq war. They (republicans) cloaked themselves in the word “patriot”. By associating themselves with this word, they therefore created this feeling that if one questioned the war they were somehow “unpatriotic”. It is equally disturbing when anyone in pursuit of an office, that is suppose to uphold reason and law above all, allows someone to send in a letter quoting something from the BIBLE! Although you did site your source, I get a little nervous when these 2 boundaries start to blur.

    Some of the claims that Jeff Schwartz made in his letter were completely outlandish at best. He stated:

    “Hagen supporters need to vote for Paul Gallegos in this election. If not, you risk putting back into power those same people who supported clear-cutting our forests, overfishing our waters, and polluting our land. You fought hard for many years to transform Humboldt County from a place where politicians begged for nuclear plants and accepted the likes of Maxxam Corp and Charles Hurwitz. Right now because of the old guard who cared little about the environment, we have a dismantled PG&E nuclear plant that sits on the edge of Humboldt Bay; nuclear rods float in a vat of liquid as they wait to be buried where they stand at the intersection of three tectonic plates. We have an old electric generating plant so radioactive we can’t get rid of it. I don’t need to mention what happened to Pacific Lumber when Charles Hurwitz was welcomed with open arms.”

    I believe Mr. Hagen already addressed the association of Jackson supporters to nuclear power, which I find this association as hilarious as Homer Simpson actually working in a nuclear power plant. Schwartz says that “Charles Hurwitz was welcomed with open arms.” which is completely false based on my recollection of history. I believe Hurwitz orchestrated a hostile takeover in the junk bond market to seize this very undervalued company based on the assets (old growth timber) that Hurwitz saw as gold. Nobody willingly gave that fox the keys to the hen house. So Jeff Schwartz is asserting that Jackson is like Hurwitz. Wow, that’s pretty darn scary…once again the war drums are a beatin’. It is these analogies and fear rhetoric that make me want to question things more.

    How is Jackson’s record or campaign anything like a hostile takeover. She is very democratically going through the washing machine process of our election system. Just look at the 2 candidates websites. Her home page (in a lawyer like fashion) addresses her prospective voters with the details of a case. Have I read the whole thing. Yes, at one point, but can’t remember all the details. Is this information accurate? I have no idea, but Gallegos’ opening line on his home page said “he promised justice for all and he delivered.” My god if that is not political spin and platitude I don’t know what is. Every single last person?

    So, Natalynn, in your letter you say Mr. Hagen brought up “petty” arguments. If you are addressing the part of the surfing accident that Gallegos sustained on a Friday during “working hours” as petty (which was covered as 1 of the top 10 stories of 2003 in the NCJ) as petty, I would agree. But here is some information on the Healthcare lawsuit:

    Here is what Hagen said:

    “Nor is it ethical to take full credit for what others have done, as in the Big Oil and Tire and the Skilled Healthcare cases, the settlements of which are now being used in ads which the Gallegos campaign is touting was “all because of Paul.” This is not ethical because it is not true. These cases were not “all” Gallegos’s, not by a long shot. Check it out yourself. The Attorney General representing the Regional Water Board did the great bulk of the Big Oil case because the Humboldt DA and the responsible county agency would not, yet Gallegos’s supporters and his ads take full credit. Three private law firms initiated the Skilled Healthcare case and again did most of the work, but in his ads Gallegos takes full credit. His ads are neither true nor ethical.”

    Gallegos website:

    Despite increased work, decreased funding and staff, my office has shown an absolute commitment to identifying and punishing those who take advantage of seniors and dependent adults. An example is our current case against 22 nursing homes throughout the state of California for failing to provide adequate nursing staff and services to elderly in their control. The case has been in trial since January of 2010 and is expected to continue through July. This case has received attention statewide attention due to the seriousness of the violations and the unnecessary danger such violations expose our elderly and dependant adults to.

    From the TS

    Once the closing arguments are complete, the jury will deliberate and decide if Skilled Healthcare is guilty of intentional misconduct. The suit, which spans from 2003 to 2009, represents some 32,000 patients who lived at various Skilled Healthcare facilities statewide.

    The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office intervened in the lawsuit, and has been largely a bystander in the case from the start. District Attorney Paul Gallegos said that his office is planning to file an injunction against the defendant later this week that would order Skilled Healthcare to be in compliance with the law in the future.

    So to me, what Hagen is saying is true. That there was 7 years of work done on the Skilled Healthcare suit before Gallegos stepped in and “identified” that seniors were being abused. Gallegos identifying senior abuse in this case is kind of like saying Columbus discovered America.

    Natalynn please have Gallegos address the very specific claim by Hagen of:

    “Inquire of him (gallegos) why the other affected DA’s and the Attorney General all refused to join in his Skilled Healthcare settlement due to their ‘ethical concerns’ over his use of secret settlement monies and more. Ask Gallegos himself to explain directly, honestly and openly the formal rebuke he has received from the California District Attorneys Association for his unprofessional use of DA authority in settling that case.”

  13. Rose said:

    Ehh, can’t resist – here’s a gem –
    “The Humboldt County DA’s office is one of the most exciting prosecutorial offices in California.

    Its District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, is willing to charge anyone who commits wrongdoing–no matter how wealthy, sacrosanct, or ruthless. He believes in total equality before the law. He also plans to be innovative in promoting programs of prevention and treatment. He wants to make it the best prosecutorial office of its size in the nation….” Gallegos’ Help Wanted ad

    See? I save all the good stuff.

  14. Rose said:

    And then there are Op-Eds from over the years, with observations like this one:

    “Gallegos has answers for everything. I’ve never met anyone whose answers came so quickly, with such polish – except about his law school(s). He likely sounded the same way when promising to get prosecutors off their anachronistic “at will” status and onto civil service status. It never happened. Indeed, he told them, “Disloyalty will not be tolerated” – a real morale builder.

    He sounds great. What progressive doesn’t want to believe in him? But it’s a myth. He’s an intellectual lightweight and self-aggrandizer who tries to please everybody with glib answers.”

    Jim Fahey for The Arcata Eye – when was that, Natalynn? 2006, I think. See – this stuff would all be lost. No one would EVER know.

  15. Rose said:

    To be sure – there are anonymous comments, like this one:
    “Gallegos has taken what was “arguably the state’s best small DA’s office, with a cutting edge CAST program that “trained the trainers”… into a bunch of time serving bureaucratic wannabee brown nosers, lightly sprinkled with a couple of earnest learners who are sure to split as soon as possible.

    One weeps for Max Cardoza who won Angellel, and for Maggie Fleming who won so many impossible victories. Mired in Humboldt for personal reasons, they have to suffer the ignominy of working for Paul, with Yougo, yes, yougo who has freed more people as a prosecutor than he did as a defense attorney. As has Paul.” Anonymous comment – you know, like a “Raves” section

  16. Rose said:

    Here’s another example of the character assassination – the disastrous decline of child abuse prosecution under Gallegos – which occurs AFTER he fires our top child abuse prosecutor. The blog not only records this stuff – and keeps the records so that it cannot be spun by political hacks – it is there to make sure that when people really want the facts, and not the spin, it is there”

    In 1997 (When the Child Abuse Services Team ACTUALLY WAS CREATED, Natalynn, long before your boy came along)
    In 1997:
    There were 137 CAST Child Interviews
    There were 56 cases of alleged child abuse RECEIVED by the DAs office
    There were 37 child abuse cases FILED by the DAs office

    In 1998
    There were 142 CAST Interviews
    There were 52 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 37 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In 1999
    There were 194 CAST Interviews
    There were 81 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 49 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In 2000
    There were 194 CAST Interviews
    There were 66 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 48 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In 2001
    There were 196 CAST Interviews
    There were 65 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 46 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In 2002
    There were 215 CAST Interviews
    There were 66 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 47 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In January of 2003, Paul Gallegos took office

    In 2003
    There were 205 CAST Interviews
    There were 67 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 40 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In June of 2004 Paul Gallegos fired OUR top child abuse prosecutor. Allison Jackson

    In 2004
    There were 146 CAST Interviews
    There were 50 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 23 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In 2005
    There were 155 CAST Interviews
    There were 35 cases received by the DAs office
    There were 17 cases FILED by the DAs office

    In the first four months of 2006
    There were 40 CAST Interviews (on track for 120 interviews)
    There were 4 cases received by the DAs office (on track for 12 cases received)
    There was 1 case FILED by the DAs office.


    ONE child abuse case filed. January to April of that year.

    And now – a report of “a 40 decrease in investigations that led to cases between 2006 and 2009.”

    A 40% decrease.

    40% From what? the 2006 numbers?

    There’s more – like his boosting Jeffrey Schwartz’s salary for supposedly handling child abuse cases. Like the public records act requests he refused to comply with.

    And there’s even more. Some stuff that isn’t even on the blog.

  17. Rose said:

    And, while we are waiting for my first comment to make it out of moderation… here are some examples of the “negative smear tactic character assassinations of Mr. Gallegos”

    The Humboldt County Grand Jury found that “Weak leadership and poor managerial practices” have undermined the office… Implicit in all evidence gathered by the Grand Jury – including interviews with the D.A. – is the unfortunate truth that the D.A. exhibits a limited understanding of how things are done in the department” Gallegos “lacks the global perspective needed to keep the department operating efficiently,” and quotes an unnamed staff member as saying, “The D.A. does not fully understand the functionality of many of the things we do here” – Years later, in his own words: “I’m not an administrator, they didn’t elect me to be an administrator, they elected me to make sure this office runs…”


    Regarding the Douglas and Zanotti persecution: “CASE TOSSED The district attorney misrepresented the law and failed to provide evidence of former Eureka Police Chief David Douglas’ and Lt. Tony Zanotti’s innocence during a criminal grand jury inquiry into the 2006 shooting death of Cheri Lyn Moore, defense attorneys argued in court documents filed Thursday… ”Our judicial system stands as a real and necessary check on the grand jury indictment process,” one of the documents states. “This court has the authority and the means by which to halt this prosecution, which is justified neither by the undisputed facts, nor by the law.”

    You catch that? the DA – that is Paul Gallegos – FAILED TO PROVIDE EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE.

    I have links to all that too, Natalynn. But links seem to send comments into moderation, so I’ll post them separately.

    And there’s more. Are you really sure you wanted to open up this can of worms?

  18. Rose said:

    There is no “conservative movement to eviscerate Humboldt County’s progressive movement.”

    watchpaul came about because of the actions of Richard Salzman and Paul Gallegos. Specifically, Gallegos filing a case on behalf of his campaign backers, something a DA should never do. “this is bigger than you can possibly imagine” Salzman said, and “There are five of us working on this every day.”

    What followed – and why I have stuck with it – was Gallegos attempting to follow through on one of Salzman’s schemes – I call it Salzman’s Plan – to turn the DA’s office over to the highest bidder – to set up a “Trust Fund” which they would fund by running FULL PAGE ADS IN THE LA TIMES, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE AND OTHERS in order to SOLICIT, ACCEPT AND USE SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY TO PRIVATELY FUND A PUBLIC PROSECUTION.

    Perhaps the sneaky Skilled Healthcare deal Hagen mentions is along these same lines.

    Had Salzman/Gallegos been successful at implementing Salman’s Plan, which Gallegos took as far as submitting it for Opinion with the Attorney General’s Office, it would have been a precedent setting move, and would have changed the public judicial system forever. It would have allowed special interests to use the public judicial system, the DAs Office and the DA himself to fund prosecutions of their enemies and targets.

    It is wrong.

    Pure and simple – it is wrong.

    The proof is in their own words, poor deluded Natalynn. In documents that are official records.

    Read First – SALZMAN’S PLAN it’s pretty sneaky stuff, Natalynn, not the high minded stuff you think your boy believes in. And there’s more, lots more. How much do you want laid out here?


    He is not fit to be DA.

    Hagen is right.

  19. Woody said:

    Natalynne, I think you make some very important points here. In particular, that infighting amongst progressives will only benefit those on the right. While you mention that Mr. Hagen’s does not like Mr. Gallegos very much, Ms. Jackson certainly appears to bear a grudge against Mr. Gallegos perhaps for his firing her when she worked for him. I think her campaign has been extremely negative and full of lies and half-truths. A s a person I knew little about until this campaign, her modus operendi is a bit disgusting and does not cause me to have any faith in her character or trustworthiness to hold such an important political office.

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