Name of homicide victim released; suspect in jail

Mad River Union

EUREKA – The victim of last Friday’s homicide in Eureka has been identified as Frederick William Loftus, 58, of Eureka.

David Alan Kobak

A 75-year-old Eureka man was arrested Friday, Aug. 25 for allegedly shooting and killing Loftus at a residence on the 1300 block of Seventh Street in Eureka.

David Alan Kobak is being held in the county jail on suspicion of homicide.

Eureka Police were dispatched to the residence after Kobak called authorities to report that he had been involved in a shooting. Officers detained Kobak, who they described as being cooperative, at the front door of the residence.

Loftus was found on the floor bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. After emergency medical personnel arrived on scene and administered lifesaving efforts, Loftus was declared dead at the scene.

Eureka Police detectives obtained a search warrant that evening and scoured the residence. They found a firearm, fired brass casings and bullet fragments.

“The firearm collected is consistent with the casings and the wounds sustained by the victim,” states a press release issued by Eureka Police. “The relationship between the victim and Kobak and the exact length of time that the victim had been staying at the residence has not been determined; however they both appear to have been residing at the residence of occurrence. The preliminary investigation suggests this was not a self-defense shooting.”


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