MOTOR SPORTS: Racer breaks ankles in crash

Lots of fans showed up to enjoy the races at Redwood Acres on April 27 and saw some exciting racing.

motorsports.pennyotIt was Jerry Peterson’s 40th birthday and his car sported a happy birthday banner on the rear under the spoiler. It was learned from Belinda Ward that Barb Paiment broke both ankles and an arm in her head-on crash with the wall on April 20. Jeremy Doss, who drives in the Late Model class, had brought his car to run some practice laps and it was displayed under the grandstands for fans to see it up close and Doss handed out photos to fans. The Late Models will appear at the Acres in a few weeks.

REAL STOCK: Matt Simon won the Trophy Dash. Simon is now the owner of the car previously raced by Jim Redd. Ryan Walters took the lead in the Heat race but Harvey Holm spun coming into turn 2 and Tyler Avelar had contact with him bringing out the yellow. After a full restart, Walters again held the lead being chased by Nick Green and they pulled away from the pack. Michael Lawrence and Simon duked it out for the third spot. Walters won, Green was second and Simon took third. Walters took the lead in the Main Event followed by Green and they again pulled away from the pack. Lawrence and Simon battled for third. At the checker it was Walters, Green, Lawrence and Simon.

ROADRUNNER: Jarrett Mayo won the Trophy Dash. Brian Murrell took the lead in the Heat race with Ken Barrett, Jordon Paiment and Mayo in tow. Paiment got by Barrett to run in second spot. Murrell took the win, Paiment was second and Barrett third. Murrell took the lead in the Main chased by Kolby Jackson. Jackson got past Murrell and Paiment made it three wide and took the lead. Barrett and Tim Abeyta got past Jackson. Paiment took the win with Barrett in second, Abeyta in third and Jackson fourth.

THUNDER ROADSTER: Tommy Payne won the Trophy Dash. Lonnie Tamboury took the lead in the Heat race but most of the pack were involved in a pile up in turn 4. The only cars that were able to miss the melee were Chris Sarvinski, Les Barnwell, Ward and Jim Rich. The red flag came out. Tamboury’s car was lifted to the infield as was Alan Olson’s car. At the restart, Sarvinski jumped into the lead with David Henderson in hot pursuit. Henderson got under Sarvinski to take the lead away leaving the rest of the pack to chase after them. Henderson won, Sarvinski was second, Payne third and Ward fourth. It took a couple of starts to get the Main Event under way as the cars were not lined up coming out of turn 4. Sarvinski took the lead with Henderson and Payne running side by side for several laps. Henderson took over second spot and then took the lead. Payne got past Sarvinski to run in second. Henderson suddenly spun between turns 3 and 4 and flames flashed from the front of his car ending his race. Sarvinski took the lead at the restart followed by Ward. Payne was able to make a dash from the back to run in third spot. Sarvinski took the win, Ward was second and Payne third.

SPORTSMAN: Jerry Peterson won the Trophy Dash. Kenny Demello took the lead in the Heat race with Barnwell and Peterson racing side by side for several laps. Barnwell garnered second spot and then got past Demello with Peterson tagging along for second. Al Acuna attempted to pass Demello but his car began to drive up on the driver’s side of Demello’s car with only Acuna’s left side tires on the pavement and the yellow was out. After the restart, Barnwell took the lead and the win with Peterson in second and Angelo Marcelli in third. Demello took the lead at the start of the Main. Barnwell made an outside pass on Demello and took the lead. Peterson hit the wall and left a trail of fluid on the track to be cleaned up before racing resumed. Barnwell held the lead at the restart with Marcelli getting under Demello for second. Barnwell ran off from the pack and took the win with Marcelli in second and Demello third.

Next race is May 11.



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