MOTOR SPORTS: Race report from June 8

(Editor's note: For various reasons, this didn't make it in the newspaper or get posted on the website. Better late than never.)

Race fans enjoyed warm weather at Redwood Acres Raceway on June 8.
REAL STOCK: Nick Green won the Trophy Dash. Matt Simon took the lead and the win in the Heat Race. The battle was for second spot which Ryan Robinson garnered motorsports.pennyover Green who finished in third. Simon took the early lead in the Main Event but Green got past him. Simon and Robinson had contact with Robinson spinning and the yellow flag flew. Green held the lead at the restart followed by Harvey Holm, and Tyler Avelar. Robinson was on the move from the back of the pack and got past Avelar for third spot. Suddenly Green slowed on the front straight and retired to the pits with a mechanical issue. Holm then led and took the win with Robinson in second, Avelar in third and Simon in fourth.
ROADRUNNERS: Jordon Paiment won the Trophy Dash. The Heat race began with cars having contact in turn 2. Ken Barrett held the lead through several yellow flags and restarts and took the win. Tim Abeyta finished in second with Gary Klinetobe in third and Jarrett Mayo in fourth. At the start of the Main Event, Ted Henry, hit the turn 2 wall causing Gray Ethridge to run into him and Mayo having contact also. Henry’s car was towed to the pits and Mayo’s car was pushed into the infield while a lot of fluid was cleaned up on the track. After the restart, Ethridge and Barrett had contact in turn 2 and the yellow was out again with Barrett’s car pushed to the infield. After the restart, Kolby Jackson held the lead with Abeyta following. Abeyta got past Jackson. After another yellow flag and restart, Abeyta led, but Klinetobe got past Jackson with Paiment moving through the field and getting past Jackson and then Klinetobe. Abeyta won, Paiment was second, Klinetobe third and Jackson finished fourth.
THUNDER ROADSTER: Paul Peeples, Jr. won the Trophy Dash. Les Barnwell took the lead in the Heat race but retired to the pits. Chris Sarvinski was driving a borrowed Peeples car and hit the turn 3 wall ending up sideways on the track with David Henderson, Robbie Nelson and Jim Rich skidding to a halt in turn 3 by his car. Sarvinski’s car was towed to the pits. Tommy Payne held the lead at the restart followel by Nelson, Peeples, Jr. and Mike Ward. Peeples, Jr. got past Nelson. Henderson’s car was emitting smoke and he was eventually black flagged. Peeples, Jr. got under Payne and took the win with Payne in second and Ward finishing third. In the Main Event, Nelson took the lead from the front row followed by Sarvinski. Peeples, Jr. got past Payne, Henderson and Ward. Sarvinski got by Nelson and Peeples, Jr., Payne and Henderson tagged along. Peeples, Jr. got past Sarvinski for the lead followed by Payne, Henderson and Sarvinski but his car made a noise coming out of turn 4 onto the front straight and he slowed and went to the pits with a mechanical issue which brought out a yellow flag. Payne held the lead at the restart but Henderson took it away for the win with Payne finishing second, Sarvinski in third and Nelson in fourth.
SPORTSMAN: Angelo Marcelli won the Trophy Dash. Marcelli took the lead in the Heat race with Jerry Peterson getting under Kenny Demello and Marty Walsh following past Demello. Peterson got past Marcelli for the win with Walsh in third and Demello in fourth. Marcelli took the lead in the Main Event Walsh hit the wall coming out of turn 4 but was able to continue. Walsh got past Peterson to chase after Marcelli but had contact with Marcelli who spun and they were both sent to the back for causing a yellow flag. Peterson took the lead at the restart followed by Demello, Walsh and Marcelli. Demello and Walsh had contact in turn 2 and the yellow was out.. At the checker it was Peterson, Marcelli, Walsh and Demello.


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