MOTOR SPORTS: Big crowd turns out for racing

It was standing room only at Redwood Acres Raceway on June 1 when the Spears Southwest Tour cars were the featured race running 125 laps. The cars have very motorsports.pennyspecified rules and are all built alike, run the same Hoosier slick racing tires, are fiberglass bodied, tube framed and have around 560 to 570 horsepower motors. The motors cost $30,000 to $50,000 with an estimated 15 horsepower difference which is virtually no difference. There were quite a few “rookies” in the field that are in their first year of driving in the series with a lot of racing experience and many have been champions in other racing venues before moving into the tour cars.
REAL STOCK: Matt Simon won the Trophy Dash. The Heat race was a series of either spins or cars trying to spin and losing positions. After a yellow flag for cars having contact, Simon had to go to the pits to have the front bumper torn off his car and barely made it back to the track for the green flag. Nick Green held the lead chased by Doug Way and Dustin Walters but Way got loose in turn 4 costing him his second spot. Walters was trying to chase down Green but couldn’t get past him and finished in second with Harvey Holm finishing third. Walters took the lead in the Main Event. Simon was in second spot but spun coming out of turn 4. Walters won, Green was second, Holm third and Way finished fourth.
THUNDER ROADSTER: David Henderson won the Trophy Dash. Les Barnwell took the lead from the front row in the Heat race and held on for a few laps but Allen Olson got past him. Paul Peeples, Jr. and Henderson were on the move from the back and both got past Olson. Peeples won, followed by Henderson and Olson. Barnwell took the lead in the Main and the yellow flew when Chris Sarvinski slid through the infield. Mike Ward got past Barnwell after the restart. Tommy Payne and Peeples both got past Ward. Henderson retired to the pits. Barnwell and Robbie Nelson had contact bringing out the yellow. Peeples took the lead chased by Payne, Ward and Olson. Sarvinski got past Olson. Olson tagged the wall out of turn 3 and Barnwell crashed and was lifted to the infield with a front wheel dangling. Peeples won, Payne was second and Ward finished third.
motorRSCN1969SPORTSMAN: Brandon Barnwell won the Trophy Dash. Al Acuna took the lead in the Heat race Kenny Demello got under Craig Baker and they had contact bringing out a yelllow flag. Dennis DelBiaggio garnered the lead after the restart with Barnwell and Marty Walsh getting past Acuna. At the checker it was DelBiaggio, Walsh and Barnwell. At the start of their 35 lap Main Event, Acuna took the lead but Walsh got under Acuna to take the lead with DelBiaggio and Barnwell in tow past Acuna. Barnwell slammed into the turn 1 wall with parts flying off his car as he skidded along the wall ending up partially in the pit exit. Fans were relieved when he got out of the car as it was a hard hit as his throttle stuck wide open causing the incident. At the checker it was Walsh, DelBiaggio and Angelo Marcelli.
TOUR CARS: Donny St. Ours took the early lead in their race but Jim Pettit II who was last year’s tour champion took it away on lap 18. The five fastest cars

Jim Pettit II of Prundale, California won the Spears Southwest Tour race

Jim Pettit II of Prundale, California won the Spears Southwest Tour race

soon got into lapped traffic causing some to gain spots. Brandon White from Eureka ran in fourth spot for many laps but ended up fifth. Jimmy Walker ran as high as seventh but a fracus put him in the pits for several laps and he finished in 16th. At the checker it was Pettit, Ross Strmiska, Jacob Gomes, Bobby Hodges and White all running 125 laps. Pettit picked up $4,000 for the win but said it didn’t come close to covering his expenses. Pettit towed in from Prunedale.


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