Moonlight Macumber: When Engaged, We Raise Arcata!

 When Engaged, We Raise Arcata!
To the tune of Paul Simon’s 1975 song, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

Have you frustrations when you ponder this city?
Perhaps feel distressed, unrest, or just plain cranky?
I’d like to help you to lean-in more, civically.
For you see, “throwing shade” downgrades Arcata.

You say, “There are no paths for me to contribute.
Furthermore, changes can only come from a selected few.”
But I’ll suggest this thought:
There’s a chair that’s there for you.
Please do heed that cliché “Don’t be a hate-ah.”
Get engaged. Upgrade Arcata! 

Try city committees:
Grassroots democracy,
“Nuts-and-bolts” behind the scenes,
Civic synergy.
Search the city’s website.
Dates and times are forthright.
Agendas? In plain sight.
Show up. It’s your right. 

Share comments, civilly.
Process is orderly.
Through Brown Act-tivity.
What? A vacancy!

Paperwork? It’s easy.
Council’s questions?  Breezy.
“Aye” votes?  Majority.
Appointed?  Whoopee!

You say, “I don’t know much. Expertise not yet gained.”
If I had a crystal ball for you,
It would show your growth attained.
You say, “Yeah, I’m feelin’ that.
So would you please explain about the nifty ways?”

You say, “I’m kinda shy. I suffer from stage fright.”
But you’d discover (with some practice),
how to voice your inner light.
For commUnity,
Do realize your insight will shine bright.
Let’s agree.  Volunteering makes you bet-tah.
Teaming ways to aid Arcata!

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They’re all advisory:
Parks & Rec., Energy,
“T.U.T.O.C.” for Measure G,
And Public Safety.

Econ Development,
Aged Landmarks (relevant!),
And Forest Management,
Vibrant government.

Wetlands & Creeks (and streams),
Transportation Safety,
You’ll help with policies,
Goals, priorities.

You’ll learn our history,
And future plans to be.
Hard-working committees...
They’re our legacy.

You’ll hear brave comments from this diverse city scene,
And shared perspectives that you had not yet perceived.
Collaborate with staff. Improve life quality.
Possibly, now’s the time... Why wait for late-ah?
When engaged, we raise Arcata! 

Moonlight is a former member of the city’s Transportation Safety Committee and the Plaza Improvement Task Force. She continues to enjoy attending the many city committee meetings  each month. 


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