MCSD declares core values

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

McKINLEYVILLE – Integrity, responsibility, family and fairness are the four core values agreed upon by the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) Board of Directors. The board has also approved a list of actions its members should take to make their behavior consistent with those values.

The core values were unanimously approved by the board on May 2 after a lengthy process, which began late last year with a board retreat. Board members began with dozens of values, whittled them down to four and then defined them.

Integrity is defined, by the board, as “Truthfulness; saying what you mean and doing what you say.”

Responsibility is defined by the board as “dependable and accountable; doing what is necessary in the best possible way and with the best possible intentions.”

The board defines the core value of family as a “group/unit that is not always chosen, connected by commonalties and shared experience with defined roles.”

And fairness the board defines as “decisions based on rules, facts and circumstances.”

In order for board members’ behavior to match those values, they are supposed to take the following actions:


• Communicate using non-discriminatory language

• Provide clear and factually accurate information to public, staff and fellow board members

• Make decisions transparently

• Form opinions/make judgments based on facts, not assumptions


• Follow through with commitments and follow up to evaluate results and outcomes

• Give full attention to listening to public, staff and/or fellow board members during discussion and comment periods

• Accept ownership of decisions and all results/outcomes/consequences of decisions; do not engage in blaming or making excuses

• Focus decision making to that which serves the best interest of McKinleyville residents within the powers of the MCSD (water, sewer, streetlights, parks & rec and library powers)


• Listen to HEAR, not to REPLY; focus listening until person stops talking and THEN formulate your reply.

• Do not engage in gossip

• Remain mindful and considerate of commonalities between self and others when engaging in challenging dialogue.

• Volunteer in the community

• Express gratitude, regularly and often

• Develop a shared vision and goals.

• Agree to disagree.


• Clearly communicate criteria for fairness in decisions

• Judge according to facts; leave out emotion, ‘shoulds’, judgements and assumptions

• Listen and give due consideration to all sides of an issue with an open mind before forming opinions or making judgements and decisions

• Give equitable and consistent consideration to issues and options when making decisions.

During a discussion about the core values and actions, Director George Wheeler suggested that “predictability” be added. Wheeler said that if you promise you are going to do something, you should do it.

However, Director Dennis Mayo pointed out that the board cannot always do what it wants to do. There are various regulations and other factors that might prevent the board or its members from doing what they desire to do, Mayo explained.


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