McKMAC reconsiders its rules and regs

Mad River Union

McKINLEYVILLE – The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) was to take a look in the mirror last Wednesday, Jan. 27 as it reviewed its own roster, rules, regulations and rules of order. It was to hear public safety updates,  public comments and event announcements before diving into its rules and regs.

The idea for creating the McKMAC came up during the update of the town’s growth blueprint, the McKinleyville Community Plan. That document was approved in 2002 and called for the creation of the McKMAC.

However, the committee wasn’t formed by the Board of Supervisors until 2012. Initially, the committee had seven voting members. Three members are appointed by the Fifth District Supervisor, three members are appointed by the full Board of Supervisors, one member is a director of the McKinleyville Community Services District and one member is the manager of the services district.

Initially, the MCSD manager was a non-voting member, but was later granted voting authority by the Board of Supervisors at the McKMAC’s request.

According to its rules, the McKMAC “is tasked with gathering input from the community and commenting on matters of concern which relate to County services provided to McKinleyville including but not limited to public works, health, safety, welfare and public financing.”

The rules also limit what the committee can discuss.

“The MMAC is not intended to address countywide topics,” states the rules.

The McKMAC is also limited when it comes to discussing planning issues.

“The secondary responsibility of the MMAC is to review, comment and provide advisory recommendations to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisor on proposed zoning amendments, and General Plan petitions and amendments located within the McKinleyville Planning Area related to conformance with the McKinleyville Community Plan. The MMAC will also discuss and provide input on long-range planning issues,” the rules state.

“The MMAC would not review, comment or provide advisory recommendations on subdivisions, conditional use permits, special permits, coastal development permits, or variances unless they are part of a larger project which also includes a General Plan Amendment or Zone Reclassification,” the rules state. “The MMAC will make recommendations on proposed zoning, General Plan petitions and amendments, but is not a decision-making body. The MMAC will not have authority to make, set, provide interpretation of or enforce county ordinances, policies or laws.”

At the meeting, the committee considered create an ad hoc committee to study and suggest changes to the rules.


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