McKinleyville to study zoning changes

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

MCKINLEYVILLE – The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) will hold a special meeting Thursday, Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. to discuss proposed land-use zoning changes in McKinleyville. A venue for the special meeting had not been determined before the Union went to press.

The committee discussed the zoning changes at its Nov. 28 meeting, but wanted more time to study the issue. Committee members also said they want to give the public an opportunity to give input before taking a position on the zoning, which it may do at Thursday’s meeting. The McKMAC’s recommendation would then be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors, which is scheduled to adopt the zoning changes at its Dec. 11 meeting.

John Miller, senior planner with the Humboldt County Planning Dept., told the committee that the objective of the project is to make local zoning maps consistent with the Humboldt County General Plan, adopted in 2017.

Among the properties that would be rezoned are the Pierson properties including the McKinleyville Shopping Center and a large portion of the undeveloped land behind the shopping center and across the street on the south side of Hiller Road. The properties, located in what’s known as the McKinleyville Town Center, would be designated a Mixed Use Zone.

This would allow flexibility in what could be built on the land, with commercial buildings mixed with residential buildings, as called for in the McKinleyville Community Plan.

Other properties that would be rezoned are parcels on either side of Murray Road east of Central Avenue. Properties occupied by Steve’s Septic Service and Schirmann Logging would be rezoned Industrial Commercial,  which would allow them to be developed for a variety of uses, from light industrial, to auto sales and warehousing. Heavy commercial uses would also be allowed, but only with a conditional use permit.

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