McKinleyville Senior Center: Who, what, why, where, when

Fall greetings from McKinleyville. Since I began writing this column earlier this year in the Mad River Union for the McKinleyville Senior Center, I’ve had calls: Who’s writing it? What’s the reason for the column? When does it come out? Where do you live? Why are you doing this? 

I’m happy you’re reading your local newspaper. Here are some answers to those questions. 

Who? I moved to Humboldt County to finish college at Humboldt State. I live in McKinleyville, back to the first town where I lived with my husband in 1967 – in a funky little cabin above Clam Beach while we finished college. We went in search of razor clams, surf fish, steelhead and hamburger. 

We were the poster children for “poor students” and fed our equally broke students with huge salads from our garden, crab, clams, spaghetti and cheap jug wine. I fell in love with McKinleyville and Humboldt County.

In 1969, we graduated from HSU and moved away. My husband passed, and I came back to Arcata in 1977 with my daughter Sonja.  

For 21 years in Arcata and 21 years in McKinleyville, my identity has been defined by my daughter. I’ve heard “Oh! You’re Sonja’s mom,” more often than my name. And last week at the Mack High Homecoming rally, a kid from the grandstand called out “Hi, Phoebe’s Grandma!” My daughter, her husband, my three granddaughters and I are firmly planted in a place we love. 

And now I write about what’s going on at the McKinleyville Senior Center or in town. When? Every week in our community newspaper. Where? At the center, 1620 Pickett Rd. across from the library. Why? Because they asked me and the guys at the Mad River Union have given us space to let you know what may interest our seniors and others in our community. 

At the museum

The Community Pop-up Museum (at the McKinleyville Shopping Center) is seeking artists to show their work inspired in Humboldt. The show is Friday, Nov. 15 and Saturday, Nov. 16. Artwork may be dropped off at the museum on Saturday,  Nov 9, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

The museum is also seeking artists, makers and craftspersons for the Night Market and Fair Thursday, Dec. 5 and Friday, Dec. 6. Vending space is free, but a $30 refundable deposit to reserve a spot is required. Contact Kelley at (707) 497-4376.

Stop by the center

The power is back on and the McKinleyville Senior Center is open again! 

Our new fall classes and activities are in progress, the monthly schedule available at the center lists our daily events and holiday and winter hours will be posted. 

For more info, call (707) 839-0191 and speak with one of the dedicated volunteer hostesses who keep everything running smoothly. They know everything! 

I hope you’ll stop by the center, see who’s there, what they’re doing, and make new friends. And again, who? Text or call Patti Stammer  at (707) 845-2817 email [email protected] with questions, comments, to suggest something you’d like to see offered at the McKinleyville Senior Center, the Pop Up Museum, or an event happening in McKinleyville.

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