McKinleyville Senior Center: Pennies to Twenties paves the way

Last week, before the weather was officially horrible, our little green jars were collected, and they were filled with Pennies to Twenties again. Thank you everyone, please know your donations are appreciated. Keep it up! We see computers and classes in our future!

We received another delightful gift this week. Tom Dimmick, his wife Amber, and his father Bill collected quite a pile of pennies. 

After Bill passed, Tom and Amber remembered the penny campaign started by Eleanor Sullivan to fund the MSC. They donated the entire collection of pennies to the Senior Center. 

Riding abound with jars and bags of pennies in my trunk, I teared up a little at the thoughtful gesture by the Dimmick family. Heartfelt thanks to them and all of you who give so generously to help support our seniors. 

If you happen have a jar or two or three of coins around the house, we will accept them gratefully. I have a big trunk and will pick them up!

Thanksgiving was a little strange this year but so is this dreadful pandemic that seems to be filling and directing our lives. It’s always been my favorite holiday. No presents, fireworks, no religious celebrations, just cooking and eating with friends and family if we’re lucky. 

I hope you all had a great holiday. But social distancing was tough with turkey and pumpkin pie and a table filled with all ages. 

For me it marks the beginning of winter. I know its autumn, but food, friends and family are the only thing that help me forget that I’m going to be cold, wet, and locked in the house for a few more months. The two cats who live here with me are shedding enough hair to make two more cats. 

My allergies are intense. I’ve been in an antihistamine/decongestant coma for about three days. I can’t smell anything, but the pennies make a cheery jingle rattling around until I get to the MSC to drop them off. 

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