McKinleyville Senior Center: McK seniors dance in the digital arena

Last week, McKineyville Senior Center received a generous award from the McKineyville Area Fund. On behalf of the center and the seniors connecting through technology, we thank you! 

You’ve started the digital ball rolling for us and we’re learning to play the game, discovering the rewards of learning to function in an unfamiliar arena.

Your donations to the center and the award from MAF will allow us to begin our digital literacy campaign for those left behind by age, distance, circumstance, or technical ability to welcome new skills that will help us as individuals and as a community.

Thank you to everyone for giving us a starting place along this new road. 

I welcome any information on finding new or refurbished computers for the center, instructors, volunteer assistance, affordable classes, and perhaps the creation of a digital lending library so our elders can practice at home. 

Zooming in

Happy to report we’re getting better at meetings! 

Four of us connected this morning, two new to the group, one who has been there since the beginning, and me. 

Amazingly it went smoothly. We did miss one of our regulars who may have clicked on an old link. He’ll connect next time. We love him because he keeps trying and his stories are remarkable. 

When was the last time someone told you they encountered a big rattlesnake in the middle of a path? 

And then described in detail it’s glistening blue and silver colors as it rattled him away? Connect with us at 10 a.m. Wednesday and share your stories and ours.

The two newest to join our writing/story telling group are from other Zoom meetings.

 I invited them and they connected. Both had good stories, enjoyed writing, and kept us laughing and entertained.

 I’ve discovered these past two years that everyone has stories and we all need an audience. 

Other people discovered this long before I started paying attention. When we slow down and listen it’s astonishing what we learn when discovering our memories. It’s impossible not to laugh out loud.

Zoom connections may not seem like a big deal, but they are part of the foundation for us to begin our dance with digital access.  

Many of us connect to the meetings offered by OLLI, doctors, offices, and other groups. They all make it seem so easy. But when you’re confused, it’s a mess with no one to explain how to fix it. 

Ever notice how the companies who create programs and instructions always have the worst solutions if you get stuck? 

They assume that we know what they know and therein lies a problem for those who are isolated by age, up to date equipment, new technology and patience. 

It’s not only computers. Try putting together something from Ikea in Swedish or anything from Amazon. Progress is slow, but contrary to popular opinion, I am a patient woman… sometimes a little cranky, but patient. 

I’m grateful for support from this unique community. Fifty-three years ago, just married, I lived in a cabin above Clam Beach and described McKinleyville to my parents as a “truck stop with a ZIP code.”

I wish they could see it today; they’d be happy I chose Mack Town again. I’m near my daughter’s family and the three “little” girls who changed my name to Grandma.

 Please send me any ideas to help keep the ball rolling for MSC to [email protected]. Text or call me (707) 845-2817,


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