McKinleyville Senior Center: Holidays ahead

The McKinleyville Senior Center is closed for the holiday from Tuesday, Nov 26 to Thursday,  Nov. 28, and opens again on Friday, Nov 29. 

Our schedule of activities and classes is erratic due to holidays and Azalea Hall rental activities. Our exercise and yoga classes are held in the Hewitt Room and when rented, our classes are cancelled or moved. 

Call your instructor or the center (707) 839-0191 to check the schedule.  

Monday, Dec 9 is our casual, holiday season luncheon for seniors with music and great food.  We will meet in the hallway and in the Senior Room as the Hewitt Room is rented. 

It will be a tight squeeze, but come and enjoy the Pacific Union Singers, Morris School Christmas decorations, good food and great company. 

And wherever you are this holiday week, think of family, friends, holidays past and present and enjoy the coming season!

Call the desk at the center (707) 839-0191 or Patti at (707) 845-2817 for information and suggestions or to join our group of storytellers. Hats off the Mad River Union, our weekly news source. A subscription is a perfect holiday gift for someone you love!




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