McKinleyville Senior Center: Go where the love is

Twenty-twenty wishes and hopes for a new double-digit year that brings us those old favorites – good health, peace, love and laughter.

The McKinleyville Senior Center will reopen on Monday, Jan. 6 with our regularly scheduled classes and new activities for the new year. Call (707) 839-0191 to check scheduling.

In January, I began a class for those who wanted to write their memoirs, a story, poetry, letters, or to share a special way they mark life passages. Many come just to listen to some amazing adventures of lives well lived. 

This class is one of the best things I’ve done for myself and hopefully as a good cheerleader for the remarkable people who share their lives with me and others in the community.

My class spans ages from 96 to those unidentifiable forties. I fall somewhere in-between. The oldest tell me I’m not really a senior… yet, still a sophomore. Ha! Last year I vowed to “Go there the love is.” and the people who come to the center and those who help keep it going are an infusion of acceptance, love, and fun. I chose well. Join us. It’s contagious

If you’re looking for healthy activities, a mental and physical workout, new friends, coffee and snacks, laughter and a safe place, come and join an activity that interests you. 

Or, just stop by and pick up goodies donated by our local merchants or sit and read or grab a donated book or two – always changing with something for every taste.

Our fundraising letter campaign reinforced what we all know: Humboldt is a supportive and giving community; a unique and interesting mix. 

Generous support came from so many in McKinleyville and neighboring communities to keep our nutrition programs, varied activities and classes up and running. Thank you!

Our funding sources are not those of other senior centers in incorporated cities, so we work everyday to keep this community asset up and running smoothly. 

You can help with donations and support of our fundraising activities. 

Watch for “Grandma’s Goodies” at the center and around town… coming soon!  

And please support the Mad River Union, (707) 826-7000, our only local newspaper who make space to let the community know about what’s happening north of Mad River, and Arcata, too.

Call Patti (707) 845-2817 with questions, suggestions or additions or the hostesses at the desk. They know everything. (707) 839-0191.





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