McKinleyville Senior Center: COVID-19 – too close for comfort

Two weeks ago, Jack Durham and I gave a talk, “Writing Your Obituary” for OLLI via Zoom. Two weeks later I was exposed to the coronavirus from someone offering help in my yard.  

The irony jumped up and slapped me in the face today. Exposure was an accident caused by my carelessly not wearing a mask… pure and simple.  

I got the call from the Humboldt County Health Department a week later telling me that this helper had tested positive. The woman I spoke with from HCHD was wonderful.

She identified me as at risk because of my age, and compromised breathing issues, and helped expedite testing. 

She checked in on me during the six long days waiting to get tested and called me as soon as the results were in this morning. I’m still breathless when I say the test was negative.

This was a warning equivalent to a whack between the eyes with a big stick. Apparently, my lifelong guardian angel is a little harsh when I do something stupid or stray too far from the path. 

In addition to the virus, we have an epidemic of stupid and of careless behavior. I’m humbled to say I’m part of what I’ve feared more than COVID. 

The phone call from HCDH terrified me back to paying attention. Airing my own stupid behavior in public in not something I relish, but a little embarrassment is worth it if it helps those I love and have missed seeing during these long months. Please remember that the danger is still here in our community and it is real, frightening and too close for comfort. Be careful out there… 

Thanks Jack and Kevin for keeping the Mad River Union paper in our hands and Ted Pease for the Senior News, out this week. 

We are all in this together sharing our stories. Please text me at (707) 845-2817 if you have a story of your own to share. Or join our Senior Stories Zoom group. Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. Text me for a link.



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