McKinleyville High closed today; deputies on scene

Mad River Union

McKINLEYVILLE – School was abruptly canceled this morning at McKinleyville High School after a deceased juvenile was reportedly found on campus.

Details about what exactly happened are scant as of this morning.

Audio on a police scanner reportedly indicated that a deceased juvenile was found on the quad, although this could not be confirmed. Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were at the campus this morning. On Facebook, McKinleyville residents reported seeing Sheriff's vehicles, a fire engine and an ambulance heading to the school, located on Murray Road.

On Twitter, the Sheriff’s Office wrote “HCSO deputies are investigating an incident involving a student at McKinleyville High School. More information regarding this investigation will be released later today. There is no determined threat to McKinleyville High School students.”

The Sheriff’s Office later commented “This is a non-criminal investigation.”

Parents received robo calls this morning alerting them about the school closure.

“Good morning McKinleyville High School community,” the caller said. “This is principal Nic Collart. Today, McKinleyvillle High School will be canceled for the school day. We will have more details to follow. But once again, McKinleyville High School is canceled today. We will reconvene on Monday and we will have more details as the day goes on. Thank you.”


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