McKinley statue vandalized

Bill the newly two-toned, tie-dyed, acid-washed (maybe) statue on Arcata's Plaza. KLH | Union


Mad River Union

ARCATA PLAZA – The statue of President William McKinley on the Arcata Plaza has been splattered with an unknown liquid substance, changing its appearance. The vandalism was first observed by city maintenance workers early this morning, and reported to police.

The substance also appears to have partly bleached the statue's base to some extent. KLH | Union

The liquid, suspected to be some form of acid, has discolored the statue. Its dark green patina is now embellished with a lighter color green, the drips and dribbles showing where the liquid was splashed. The substance appears to have been applied repeatedly, from several sides.

It's not yet know whether there is any permanent damage to the statue. APD has no suspects in the case.

The statue is at the center of both the Arcata Plaza and a heated controversy in Arcata. The City Council voted 4–1 to remove the statue on Feb. 21, but a later petition drive resulted in placement of Measure M on the Nov. 6 ballot. A yes vote on Measure M would reverse the council's decision; a no vote sustains the council's vote for statue removal.

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