McK Senior Center: Stuck at home, crabby and cranky

I have been in at home for 45 days, with two visits with my daughter and her family in Fieldbrook, outside in the sun on the patio. No kisses, no hugging. I miss them and they have sun. I have fog every morning, something resembling sun in late afternoon and wind every day. I’m starting to get a little crabby.

Other outings; three times for groceries, and one visit to the doctor. I wouldn’t have gone except my frostbitten toe from a couple of years ago just turned purple again… all of a sudden. Ultrasound and a $63 tube of nitroglycerin to rub on the plum digits… no word from the doctor and no explanation of the cream. Crabby and cranky.

That set the tone for my week. I’ve tried not to be a crybaby about this whole COVID thing, but I think today just wrapped up all the stress and anxiety and spit it out first thing this morning.

My cat, in a relentless plea for breakfast, jumped in the middle of my bed, used me as a springboard and jumped onto the dresser where things began to crash to the ground… at 5:30 a.m. 

I love this little cat, but I try not to reward her weird demanding Siamese temperamental rampages. So, I locked her in the bathroom, hoped for the best and went back to sleep for a couple of hours. I flipped on Sunday Morning, coffee in hand and let “Sybil” out of the bathroom.  

After I showered, I rubbed the nitro on my toes, I washed my hands and hit the Purell bottle. Evidently my hands were a bit slippery. I tried to trim my sheepdog bangs out of my eyes. Big slip, big chunk of hair in the sink and now I’m wearing a hat. 

Next, I got dressed and went to get more coffee. My kitchen faucet is leaking at the spout, so I wrapped a rubber band around the sprayer thingy until I find a plumber. It works fine unless I forget and turn on the water not knowing where the sprayer landed last time it was used. I am now without coffee and very wet. Cursing out loud when I catch a glimpse of my new haircut in the mirror, on the way to the closet for dry clothes. 

Dressed again and ready to start the day, I wander into the kitchen again and I’m greeted by ants… everywhere. I was just in there, where did they come from and why are there so many? Waiting for Disinfectant wipes and Tero to work their magic. 

Did I mention I hate ants inside? It’s not that cold or wet. Stay outside and we’ll have no problem…

I just sat down at the computer to see if I could write something for the paper. It would not start up. No clue why or how to fix it. I Googled it on my phone and got no help. It’s now so far past the deadline, you may never see this… might be a good thing. 

Hope all of you out there are staying safe, not crazy, maybe a little cranky, I would say antsy, but that is just wrong.  Please take care and stay connected.  

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