McK Home Burns, Occupants OK, Property Loss $100K

Arcata Fire Press Release

MCKINLEYVILLE, CA – (March 13, 2014) – Arcata Fire District personnel responded to 1600 block of Hideaway Court, McKinleyville after receiving a report of a structure fire. Firefighters arrived at the scene to find black smoke coming from the eaves and doorways of a single family residence. Firefighters deployed hose lines into the structure and cut holes in the roof to contain the fire. Once the smoke cleared, firefighters confirmed the fire was contained to the heating system and attic.

The house was occupied at the time of the fire but the occupants got out safely and called 911 once they discovered the fire. Fire District investigators determined that the fire occurred in a forced air heating system that was being worked on. The fire started in the heating system and spread through the vent system, causing thick black smoke to fill the home. In addition to the heater being damaged by the fire, there was significant smoke damage throughout the home. The estimated loss to property and contents is $100,000.

Twelve firefighters responded to the incident and remained at the scene for approximately two hours. Acting Battalion Chief Davis stated, “The occupants did exactly what they should have done. They discovered the fire, called 911 and attempted extinguishment. When they realized it was beyond their ability to extinguish, they exited the structure and ensured everyone was out.”



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