Mayor Watson arraigned over alleged DUI, cocaine possession

Mayor Brett Watson in CHP custody Aug. 1. Via Reddit

Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – Arcata Mayor Brett Watson is being arraigned this morning in Humboldt County Superior Court on multiple charges related to his Aug. 1 arrest by the California Highway Patrol.

According to a four-count misdemeanor complaint (see below), Brett Matthew Watson is charged with:

• Driving Under The Influence Of An Alcoholic Beverage, in violation of VC23152(a)

• Driving With A .08% Blood Alcohol Content, in violation of VC23152(b)

Enhancement For Driving With A .15% Blood Alcohol Content It is further alleged, as to Counts 1 and 2, during the commission of the above violations of Vehicle Code Section 23152, the defendant, Brett Matthew Watson had a blood alcohol concentration that was 0.15 percent or more, by weight, and is thus subject to the additional punishment provided for in Vehicle Code Section 23578.

• Possessing A Controlled Substance, in violation of HS11350(a) – cocaine, a controlled substance.

• Possession Of Smoking Device, in violation of HS11364(a) – a device, contrivance, instrument, and paraphernalia used for smoking a controlled substance.




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