Matt Filar: And then suddenly, it’s over

I get so caught up with Humboldt Crabs board issues and doing photography. I always grab a bunch of Union papers and give them to the players and coaches.

Although I, and most of the board members, get a bit tired toward the end of the season, we each have our own tasks to do, and attending games ever Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a lot to do.

We’re not ready for the Crabs season to be over, but we’d just like to watch baseball without the other jobs.

The season is basically only June and July, and the end which seemed so far away at the beginning of June arrives in the blink of an eye.

When it’s over we don’t know what to do with ourselves for a week or two.

The team was exceptionally exciting this year, the offense, defense and pitching were fantastic.

Since I’m down on the field for maybe four inning of each game, I am fortunate to get somewhat close to many of the players, who are 19-21 years old.

After that last out, everybody is suddenly in the process to getting prepared to leave to return home and back to school. It’s a very bittersweet feeling to hug the guys, thank them for the season, and wish them the best of luck, knowing at the same time that you may never see them again.

It’s much more than just the end of our baseball season.


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