Manure Fest 2019 a mucky marvel

Mad River Union AF

ARCATA BOTTOM, April 1 – With springtime fields hungry for nutrients, it’s time for the annual Arcata Bottom Manure Gun Festival, now celebrating 14 years of poo -splosive awesomeness.

Attendees will be able to see 17 unique manure guns  in action, from a 2019 fully electronic John Deere BlassTER Mach 6, to a recently refurbished 1936 hand-pumped Roosevelt. Arcs of nutrient rich water will be spraying across the Jackson Ranch Road area from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, creating optimal conditionals to enjoy rainbows, dance barefoot and splash your friends. It’s going to be wet and wild!

Attendees may operate the guns and help fill their hoppers. There will be apple bobbing and a vast array of scrumptious finger foods, plus a giant community punch bowl. 

The event is clothing optional, but fragrance free. Please, no perfume.


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