Manuel Fonseca committed to energy, safety, professionalism

Manuel Fonseca
MUSD Candidate

Hello, my name is Manuel Fonseca and I have been a Humboldt County resident since 2000. I am proud to call McKinleyville home for the last five years. Since moving to McKinleyville, I have enjoyed the sense of community this town has to offer along with the welcoming neighborhood feel I get when riding my horse around town, and it is because of this I decided to volunteer as a Trustee when a vacancy on the McKinleyville Union School District came about. 

While on the board, I witnessed the community values which attracted me to the position be validated by the interactions between the Trustees, administration, staff and community. I enjoy sitting on a board consisting of high caliber individuals who have an immense level of commitment to the school district. Though not always in agreeance, every individual on the board offers a unique perspective and brings forth a high level of professionalism with the students and the community at the forefront of their decision making. I am no different, as I strive to uphold the standard set forth when having to make a decision regardless of its implications.

I am committed to making the difficult decisions needing to be made as we navigate the district into the future regardless of backlash. I have been a Trustee for less than a year and I have already taken a stance on the direction I would like to see the district head towards. 

I would like for our students to attend a campus in which energy independence is a reality and not a concept you learn about. I would like to see a decrease in energy costs and an increase in enrollment. I would like to see all students have an opportunity to attend campus and I would like the students who are thriving from distance learning have the opportunity to maintain their success within the paradigm of distance learning. 

I would like to see the district continue its commitment to the safety of all as we navigate through this time of added variables. 

I would like to ask your support in the upcoming election as I would like to continue my contribution to our community in a position often overlooked when non-contentious issues such as the re-opening of campuses is not part of the agenda. 

My commitment to the district and our community is not a single issue agenda, but a holistic one.


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