Manila board to take another whack at MOU

Jack DurhamMad River Union

MANILA - Although the Manila town board has agreed, in concept, to handing over management of the Manila Family Resource Center to a local school, it still needs to approve a final contract before the deed is done.
That may take place at the Thursday, Sept. 17 meeting of the Manila Community Services District Board of Directors. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Manila Community Center, 1611 Peninsula Drive.

The board is scheduled to take action on a memorandum of understanding that would transfer management of the Manila Family Resource Center from the services district to Redwood Coast Montessori.

The resource center is located at the Manila Community Center, which is owned by the services district. The district also leases classroom space at the Manila Community Center to the school, which is growing and expanding at the location.

The board was scheduled to approve the MOU at its Aug. 20 meeting, but there weren't enough votes. Directors John Woolley and Salena Kahle were absent. Directors Jan Bramlett and Joy Dellas supported passage of the MOU, but Director Dendra Dengler was in opposition.

Without the three votes needed to get the MOU passed, Bramlett asked that a special meeting be called for a later date. That never happened, so the issue is being discussed at the regular monthly meeting, held on the third Thursday of the month.

Kahle has suggested numerous changes to the MOU. They can be read in the board meeting packet. Click here.


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