Mad River Union raising funds for Trinidad Civic Club

Janine Volkmar

HONORARY MEMBER of the Trindad Civic Club, Gabe Adams has been known to read a certain local newspaper that shamelessly self-promotes. Janine Volkmar | Union

Mad River Union

TRINIDAD – Gabe Adams, the go-to-guy in city hall in Trinidad, is an honorary member of the Trinidad Civic Club and he's earning his brownie points with the members by keeping forms for the club's latest fundraiser prominently displayed on the counter at City Hall.  Through the generosity of Mad River Union publishers Jack Durham and Kevin L. Hoover, the club will recieve $10 for every subscription sold to the popular paper.

Readers in Trinidad especially appreciate the coverage of civic and social events included in club member Patti Fleschner's weekly column, "Trinidad Tidings," and the articles on art and music by another club member, Janine Volkmar.  These two writers leave the hard-hitting political coverage to the paper's seasoned reporters and editors but everyone in Trinidad waits for Wednesday mornings when the Union arrives in their post office boxes to read the latest.

If you haven't subscribed or if your subscription is about to lapse, join the informed batch of readers and subscribe now and support the club at the same time.

The Trinidad Civic Club was founded in 1913 and members work to care for the Memorial Lighthouse, the library, the cemetary, the fire department, and to offer two yearly scholarships to graduating seniors as well as supporting other causes in Trinidad. The club meets monthly and all are welcome to attend.


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