Mad River Current for Wednesday, July 26: McKMAC to discuss racism, town center, hear about McKinleyville crime

To discuss, or not discuss, racism

The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee won't be discussing racism at tonight's meeting. Instead, it will discuss whether it should discuss racism. The committee meets at 6 p.m. in the Middle School Conference Center at  2285 Central Ave.

As detailed in this article, committee member Craig Tucker has been trying to get the issue on a meeting agenda. However, committee chair Ben Shepherd says it's outside the committee's purview. Hmmm... might this be simply a matter of the language used to frame the agenda item? The committee is clearly allowed to discuss public safety in McKinleyville. Wouldn't racism specific to Mack Town qualify as a public safety issue? This hasn't been discussed by the committee.

The McKMAC is a county advisory committee that is supposed to advise the county on issues affecting McKinleyville. Perhaps the McKMAC should be working with the county's Human Rights Commission, which has eradicating discrimination as part of its mission.

McKinleyville Town Center


TOWN CENTER This aerial photo shows the boundaries of the town center.
Graphic from McKinleyville Community Plan

The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee will also take up the matter of creating a McKinleyville Town Center at tonight's meeting. You can read the details here. The committee will also get an update on McKinleyville crime from the Sheriff and an update on a Sutter Road sidewalk project.

Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse needs to be moved!

An engineering firm is recommending that Trinidad move its iconic Memorial Lighthouse to a new location in the coming months before winter arrives and rains further degrade the failing bluff that it sits upon.

An engineer with SHN Consulting Engineers & Geoligust Inc. is scheduled to give a presentation on the failing Edwards Street bluff at tonight’s Trinidad City Council meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. in Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity St.

A flat shelf on which the lighthouse sits was carved out of the bluff sometime in the late 1940s. According to SHN, the bluff has been relatively stable until the heavy rains of the last two winters. This winter, the water-saturated bluff slumped.  The lighthouse could tumble down the bluff this winter if it's not moved. Eventually, the slumping bluff will threaten Edwards Street.

The council will receive information tonight, but is not expected to take any action.


The weather forecast is the same old, same old. Fog in the morning, then sun in the afternoon. Things are always a little dicey and uncertain in the coast, where the fog may linger, or maybe not. Either way, it's been an exceptionally lovely summer so far, don't you think? Despite our woes, we live in paradise. If you head out to Fern Canyon or Avenue of the Giants, or even the Arcata Plaza, you'll find tourists from all over the world who have flocked here to enjoy the splendor. In the same way that Americans fly half way around the world to sip champagne atop the Eiffel Tower, Europeans flock here to walk in the redwoods and meander around Arcata, Trinidad and the Victorian Seaport. They appreciate Humboldt's beauty.  You should  too.




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