Mad River Current for Wednesday, Aug. 9: Gloomy weather, pie dispute in Trinidad & a cannabis celebration in Arcata

Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a....

Wait. Hold that happy face for a moment. We have conflicting reports from the National Weather Service regarding this blanket of grayness that we're under. The seven-day forecast for Arcata says there will be fog before 11 a.m., then clouds and then it will gradually become mostly sunny with a high of 68.

But when trying to find out about the local weather, it's always a good idea to read the Area Forecast Discussion, which tells us "Coastal areas will continue to experience gloomy conditions as the marine layer has deepened to near 3,000 feet and light moist onshore flow continues. Baring some unexpected mixing, coastal stratus will not likely clear out this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon for that matter."

So it may stay gray, but that's OK. You can still brush off the clouds and cheer up and put on a happy face, because at least the weather here isn't like the weather in Redding.

Trinidad Council to consider removing commissioner over pie dispute

The Trinidad City Council will meet tonight, Aug. 9 and will consider whether to remove a member of the Trinidad Planning Commission over a pie dispute/alleged abuse of power.  The council convenes at 6 p.m. at Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity St. in Trinidad.

The city received a complaint in June from Penny Gunn who organizes the Trinidad Artisans' Market. According to Gunn, Planning Commissioner John Hedrick showed up at the June 4 market and started selling pies. Hedrick was not invited or signed up to be a vendor.

In her complaint, Gunn said that she explained to Hedrick that he couldn't sell pies at the fair for a variety of reasons including insurance and food safety compliance. Hedrick, she claims, refused to leave.

At the end of the market, Gunn states, she reiterated the reasons to Hedrick why he could not sell pies at the market without authorization.

"He then stated 'Do you even know who I am?' I replied no. He then stated 'I am the planning commissioner for the City of Trinidad and if you ever want a building permit or an upgrade, good luck with that," Gunn wrote in her complaint.

"I that point, I felt threatened," Gunn wrote.

In a report to the council, city staff wrote "Staff sees this as an egregious violation of the City's Code of Conduct for appointed and elected officials."

Hedrick could not be reached for comment.

Trinidad marijuana ordinance
and ADA upgrades

Also at tonight's Trinidad council meeting, councilmembers will discuss ADA upgrades to Trinidad Town Hall and the creation of an ordinance regulating marijuana-related businesses in the seaside village. You can download the entire meeting packet here:Trinidad.08-09-17 cc packet

A cannabis parade and celebration

The Yes We Cann Parade and Hullabaloo will be held this Saturday in Arcata. It will feature a parade and then a celebration at the Arcata Ball Park. Bob Doran writes about it in this week's The Hum.


Trinidad Lighthouse must be moved

This article about how the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse needs to be moved was available to subscribers last week, but is now free for everyone to read.

The stuff on the Mad River Union website that you can read for free represents only a small portion of what's available to paid subscribers and what's in the actual newspaper. Subscribers have access to all the articles. Then, in the days after the paper comes out, we slowly put some of the premium content in the free section.

New bank branch to open
in Henderson Center

Redwood Capital Bank plans to open its fourth branch in Henderson Center in Eureka in the coming year.  John Dalby, President and CEO of Redwood Capital Bank, remarked, ”The branch will be located in the former Roberts Building at Henderson and F streets. Plans and permits are in process and we anticipate the branch opening in the first half of 2018.  In addition to the full-service branch, the Henderson Center location will also provide additional office space for other Redwood Capital Bank employees from various departments. “




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