Mad River Current for Wednesday, Aug. 2: Hot weather, RV park OK’d, pot bust

Excessive heat warning

The National Weather Service has issued another "excessive" heat warning today for inland Humboldt County, where temperatures could climb as high as 110 degrees. This would be a good day to play hooky and go swim in the rivers, although it might almost be too hot.

If you do go swimming,  be careful with your dogs when it comes to blue-green algae. Click here for information on that.

In Arcata, the temperature will be much nicer than inland Humboldt. The high today will be 74. The low will be 58.


Fatal shooting

Just in this morning: A man who allegedly attacked a security guard with a knife was shot and killed last night near the Shell Station in Eureka across from Rita's on Fifth Street. Click here for details.

Fire on the mountain

Click here for yesterday's update on the Orleans fire. In a few hours we'll probably have another update, so check back. By the way, did you see this morning's sunrise? Nice and orange. The smoke provides a nice enhancement.

Pot bust

The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department and its associates went after another marijuana grow and arrested three people. Click here to read about it.

So how do you get busted for growing marijuana in Humboldt County, where there are more than 12,000 grows? How do you cross the line in this cannabis-infused county? Sheriff William Honsal explains in this piece here.

Eureka RV park

Last night the Eureka City Council voted unanimously in favor of soliciting buy/lease bids for 11 acres its owns at the foot of the Samoa Bridge. The council wants the property to be developed into a RV park. Click here for details.


Hiller Park dog park

If you pick up your dog's poop and follow leash laws while at Hiller Park, you may get a thank you card and you might win some prizes. Wow! Click here to learn more.


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