Mad River Current for Tuesday, Aug 1: Heat warning, permitting a grow, pulling weeds & tearing down a barn

It's going to be hot, hot, hot!

The National Weather Service has  issued an excessive heat warning for inland Humboldt County, where temperatures could get as high as 110 degrees today. This is ideal if you are a grow-bro who likes to fry eggs on the dashboard of your big diesel truck. It's hellish if you are a firefighter battling the big blazes up in the hills. In Arcata, the NWS is predicting the same old, same old. Fog in the morning will burn off, then there will be sun.  High of 67, low of 58. The pattern continues.

RV park discussion tonight

The Eureka City Council convenes this evening at Eureka City Hall and will discuss whether to build an RV park on 11 acres it owns at the foot of the Samoa Bridge. Click here to read more.

Permitting a marijuana grow, dispensary and more

EUREKA – The Humboldt County Planning Commission will consider issuing permits for an indoor medical marijuana growing facility in Arcata and a marijuana dispensary in Benbow when it meets Thursday, Aug. 3. The commission will also consider a "major" McKinleyville subdivision which will turn one acre into seven parcels. The project includes the removal of 100 trees.

Also on Thursday’s agenda is a special permit request from Save the Redwoods to dismantle a barn in Orick and a conditional use permit request from the Bureau of Land Management to remove invasive plants from Table Bluff County Park. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, 825 Fifth St. Eureka,  Below are details of the projects in the order they appear on the agenda.

McKinleyville subdivision

BSDS Investments, based in McKinleyville, is asking for final subdivision map for a one acre parcel located on the south side of First Avenue bordered by Lime Avenue to the west and A Street to the east. The property would be divided into seven lots, and a 100 trees would be removed. Here is the staff report if you want more information:FMS16-005 Staff Report

Arcata pot grow

Humboldt County Indoors Inc. has applied for a conditional use permit for a medical marijuana growing facility at 5208 Boyd Road, just outside the Arcata city limits.
The grow operation would be located inside an existing 10,000-square-foot building.
The permit is the second in a two-phase project, with the first phase of a 5,000-square-foot grow approved about a year ago.
The operation will use four 5,000-gallon water tanks that are interconnected. The water recirculates, so there is no effluent. The operation will average 10 employees, with 15 at peak times. Here's the staff report:CUP 17-027 Staff Report

Save the Redwoods

This barn at the old Orick Mill may be demolished. Photo from staff report

Save the Redwoods is asking for a special permit to deconstruct a 5,560-square-foot barn and another 1,525-square foot structure located at the old Orick Mill off Bald Hills Road. Save the Redwoods would then stockpile the old wood on site for possible use in future building project. It's worth noting that the little town of Orick actually has an Orick Design Review Committee, which unanimously opposed the Save the Redwoods permit, but didn't give a reason for doing so.

Here's a staff report:SP 17-044 Staff Report

Redwood Roots dispensary in Benbow

Redwood Roots Inc. is seeking a conditional use permit to open a cannabis dispensary at 6840 Benbow Drive, located about 300 feet east of the intersection of Benbow Drive and U.S. Highway 101.

The dispensary would be open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. six days a week. Customers would have to provide evidence that they are California residents, have a California ID or California driver’s license and have physician’s P215 recommendation. You can read the staff report here:CUP 16-060 Staff Report

Table Bluff plant removal

The Bureau of Land Management is seeking a conditional use permit so it can continue to remove invasive plants on about seven acres at Table Bluff County Park. The BLM is mostly removing European beachgrass. CUP 16-035 Staff Report

Ferndale area marijuana farm

S.A.F.E. LLC is seeking a conditional use permit for an existing 28,401-square-foot outdoor grow at 2440 Mattole Road in the Ferndale area.
According to a county staff report, the plants are harvested, then dried in a building. They are then machine trimmed and placed in a different building for storage. Here is the staff report:CUP 16-202 Staff Report

Who decides what happens in McKinleyville?

So let's have a discussion about governance in McKinleyville. It's a funny town, being that it's unincorporated. We'll kick off the discussion with this piece from Sungnome Madrone.


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