Low turnout for Valley West confab

Kevin L. Hoover
Mad River Union

VALLEY WEST – Presenters may have outnumbered Valley West residents at the Red Roof Inn during the recent Parks & Rec Committee meeting there, but the dozen or so who did turn up heard some good news. Arcata’ northern sector is getting serious attention, has new resources to work with and good prospects for improvement.

GROUP EFFORT Citizens examine plans for development of Carlson Park. KLH | Union

Linking freeway-bound Valley West to the outside world via something other than cars is in the works, according to Julie Neander, deputy director of community services. She said a collaboration with Redwood Community Action Agency could help bring people-powered connectivity to the area, with improved pedestrian and bicycle access to Arcata’s southern reaches via West End Road.

City Engineer Doby Class said a new, “high-visibility” crosswalk with a flashing signal is to be installed near the bus stop on Giuntoli Lane near SR299.

Efforts to repair a couple of intentionally broken street lamps on Valley West Boulevard were recently frustrated by harassment from street toughs, who forced a city worker to “abandon ship.” That worker is to return with a police escort.

More cleanup days are planned, including one on Sunday, April 22, Earth Day, with help from the PacOut GreenTeam and CommUnity Pride & Peace. 

Neander later said that because of the low turnout – just 13 citizens from the 840 Valley West households, more surveying of area residents will be conducted.



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