Lost Coast Communications Launches Documentary Series on Marijuana – January 28, 2012

Lost Coast Communications Launches Documentary Series on Marijuana
First Episode of 'The Humboldt Chronicles' to Focus on the Economic Impact of Cannabis Cultivation
(January 27, 2012)
How large is the impact of marijuana on Humboldt County’s economy? How much money does a marijuana grower make? What's life like for “trimmers” – the itinerant farm workers of the marijuana world?
All these questions and more will be explored on “The Humboldt Chronicles,” the new radio documentary series from Lost Coast Communications premiering February 2. Hosted by Southern Humboldt journalist Kym Kemp and produced by Mike Dronkers and Chuck Rogers, the series will explore the innumerable ways in which marijuana cultivation plays a role in Humboldt County life – economic driver, touchstone of culture, environmental burden (or boon), source of violent crime, medical panacea.
Episode 1 focuses on the question that has been asked so many times before – just how big is the impact of marijuana on our local economy?  Using the resources of an economist, a banker, a business person, and yes, a grower, the show seeks to establish some working parameters to measure the impact.
Lost Coast president Patrick Cleary says, “ I am very proud of our team and their efforts to produce a show on subject where information is scarce and its impact is very real.  Regardless of one’s views on pot, it without a doubt affects almost everyone in the county in one way or another.”
Lost Coast Communications is a previous recipient of the 2007 Radio and Television News Directors' Edward R. Murrow Award for its documentary program "Picking Up: Meth on the North Coast." It owns and operates four Humboldt County FM radio stations – KHUM, KSLG, KWPT and KXGO, as well as the online news service the Lost Coast Outpost.
Debuts Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. on KHUM-FM, 104.3/104.7 FM
Debut run is followed by a 30-60 minute call-in community dialog hosted by Kym Kemp, Chuck Rogers, Mike Dronkers and special guests. This will include a moderated live online chatroom via LostCoastOutpost.com, as well as social participation via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS texts.

Encore airdates

 KHUM 104.7/104.3 FM

•         Saturday February 4th at 1pm

•         Monday, February 6th at 12pm

•         Sunday February 12th at 8pm

94.1 FM KSLG

•         Tuesday, February 7th at 6pm

•         Saturday, February 11th at 5pm

KWPT The Point  100.3/102.7 FM

•         Friday February 3rd 1:30pm

•         Sunday February 5th 5:30pm

The show will also be podcast at lostcoastoutpost.com.
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  1. Dan Hughes said:

    I can’t tell the difference between this bunch of noise maker and this bunch all I hear is a bunch of yelling; http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/michael-jackson-tour/default.aspx , ———– ; http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-01-30/occupy-dc-camping-end/52881826/1 or the Earth Firsters or the politicians or the HBabtists or the Jehovahs witnesses at the Northtown laundry.

    The ladies at the co-op used to tell me not to watch TV when I was a young man in college in the early 80’s. Rots your brain

    I say it’s the same with all mass media.

    Also I am alergic to Rag weeds trees pollen cig smoke Marijuana causes me to feel as if I can’t even breath asthma is what I think it’s called. don’t believe me I had to get allergy shots when I was in highs school your ‘Medicine’ only hurts me. Must be Karma, Yin Yang eh?

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  3. Dan Hughes said:

    Pete’s Not a Media darling? Is that so? So that was wasn’t him standing in front of the Humboldt state University sign on the front cover of the Lumberjack newspaper back in the 90’s? The sign over on the lawn by the Ceramics lab off of LK Wood. If memory serves me right there used to be a sign there.

    Maybe it was that guy Saun Walker who sold me that Honda civic that kept breaking down that took that pic? Maybe it was Hoover ? Eh kinda doubt it I heard he was working in Fortuna at the time.

    Google maps co-ordinates; 40.876162,-124.081487

    So maybe that was Dave from Hutchins Grocery or was it Mr Dal Porto from 4th st Market?

    Maybe somebody with access to the Lumberjack Archives can find that pic of your world famous panhandler, Taxi bull fighter toro toro taxi specialist

  4. Dan Hughes said:

    See #1 reason why i don’t like media darlings ; High Times Magazine

    (212) 387-0500

    419 Park Ave S, #16, New York, NY 10016 Get directions Cross Streets: Between E 29th St and E 28th St Neighborhoods: East Side New York, NY, Midtown New York, NY


    Now these people come to Arcata stand around and tell locals they are’Bad”.

    Same thing with the “Running World” magazine people.
    Same thing with the Ladies and Gents from National Geographic who made such a fuss over the kids in Hum Marching band
    They come here money in their pockets expense accounts rental cars Best motels money can buy good food and then kick around some kid who’s Dad might have just gotten laid off from one of the mills so they can sell an article putting mass media pressure on people who are having a tough time already. Basically they suck .

    I never had the money to drive to NY NY. I got Daryl Cherney and Bad Bob and Pete, Scott W. slobbering all over me so that They can get monies not me. And I am not hearing another word out of Danny Danco boy and his pal fisherman Union 76 Jimmys Samoa project or Planned Parenthood or the clinic or Tin can mailman

    I don’t know for sure but I think that it costs a lot of money to drive fly bike or walk all the way from NY NY to write an article about Marijuana. My dad has High times mags from as far back as about 1975 and they all had articles about “Humboldt” bud.

    Now if they can’t figure it out on their own in all those years that yes Grandma, people need money to pay the power company for the lighting maybe it’s time for them all to get on the NASA bus to Mars and go “F–k” themselves.

    And when they don’t pay me to help them with their ‘Business’ yet will pay somebody out of the area because it’s {politically correct} those persons can go F–k themselves too and the horse they came in on as well.

    How about an article how Arcata Community Economic development corp which by the way is a “Bank’help put my itinerant restaurant out of business and I don’t know for sure but taking an educated guess here help Mr. Banduchi take production facilities to Mexico and then sell to the Chinese. yea I’m sure those 3 or 4 boats that dick makes for the Coast Guard in the building Yakima production facilities used to be. Or it was last time I was in Arcata 10 YEARs AGO!!!!! are paying ALL the BILLS of the people in the area

    Now I am an old man and don’t drink beer, smoke, run, bicycle, triathalon anything sporting

  5. Dan Hughes said:

    Anything else you need to know? OK seeing how most of ‘US’ can only see me between my belt buckle and my knees here’s what I think of the most of you..
    Thesaurus.com Free Dictionary.com

    The”Intellects” at the Library should be able to understand this eh?

    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: constant or rapid talk
    Synonyms: babble, blather, chat, chitchat, gas*, gossip, jabber, palaver, prattle*, twaddle, yakking
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    * = informal/non-formal usage
    Main Entry: babble
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    Definition: trivial talk, often incessant
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    Main Entry: babble
    Part of Speech: verb
    Definition: talk trivially, often incessantly
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    Like the Top 40 sing along KATA KFMI play what kind of blends into a loop sign sign everywhere a sign,, “what comes around goes around”

  6. Dan Hughes said:

    I don’t listen to the Radio use the TV I don’t like anybody I ever met who works in the radio or TV industry. If they think I do maybe they should stop thinking and at least try to pay attention for the 1/2 second it takes to her me say “back off”.

    I especially don’t enjoy the company nor the programming of KHSU as when one is stuck in B.F.E. (Humboldt) and is forced to listen to KATA KFMI and the NBC ABC CBS affiliates for 35 years if one wants to see something more exciting than watching redwood trees grow and is bored out of their skull to the point where a hangover looks pleasant comparitivley. I do NOT listen to OPB as I am not about to spend money on Satellite or Comcast to listen to 55, 15 second commercials an hour
    One time, once and that was it one time I called KHSU and asked if they could play some contemporary RockNroll late nights instead of the Classical Programming. Reruns that have been reruns since the a Harpsichord was invented. Those snooty old fussbuckets and they shot it down faster than a bullet out of a deer riffle and have been mocking me behind my back ever since.

    Don’t come up here to Portland looking for me to comfort you as you will receive the same treatment the Arcata “community”dolled out to me in large quantities. you can sleep out in the rain and freeze to death for all I care.

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