Logger Bar decor goes ‘over the top’

HOLIDAY GLOW The Logger Bar in Blue Lake features dazzling Christmas decor. Photos by Janine Volkmar | Union

Janine Volkmar
Mad River Union

BLUE LAKE – The Logger Bar in downtown Blue Lake has, according to its owner, Kate Martin, become “a holiday destination.” Just as many locals have made it an annual tradition to visit the decorated tree at the Eureka Inn, checking out the opulent display at the Logger may become the new thing.

Ceiling decorations at the Logger have always been fun to look at year-round since they include chain saws of all sizes and hard hats of all types, some squashed in action long ago. 

But Martin and “a tribe of women who came to help one night” have really outdone themselves this season. There are themes. There are separate colors for areas. The snow people have taken over the ledge above the woodstove. 

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On a stormy nasty day last week, we headed in to check it out. Since my raincoat had chosen that day to give up its water repellency, I beelined for the blazing warmth of the tall woodstove. Looking up, I felt the gazes of snow men, snow women, snow elves, and all sorts of frozen creatures from the mantel surrounding the stove. It was a surprise that they hadn’t all melted.

Martin gave us the tour. The nook beside the bar is decorated in green lights, ornaments, and stars and she’s calling it “A Star is Born.” The area around the pool table is exclusively red – red lights, red ornaments, and candy canes, possibly to make victory (or loss) at the table sweeter. 

A room with a painted gold ceiling has been adorned with a spiral of gold ornaments, lights, and snowflakes. A row of nutcrackers look down upon patrons at the bar.

The Union covered this last year in the first year of Martin’s decorating efforts. But even if you saw it last year, don’t miss this season’s “over-the-top holiday decorations.” They will be up until Jan. 6. a decision I applaud. It’s a tradition to keep decorations up until the day of Epiphany, the sixth.  

After all, if it took the Wise Men that long to travel to see the baby Jesus, it may take modern folks that long to make the trek to Blue Lake.  

People who take their decorations down the day after Christmas are, in my opinion, spoiling the leisurely luxury of the holidays.

The Logger Bar is open daily with a calendar full of free events this month. loggerbar.com



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