Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Variants Need Love
A Dark Haiku

Variants need love,
So don’t get vaccinated;
Make them feel wanted.

Sherman Schapiro

Olympic exclusion

The Olympic games are a profound symbol of world peace, assembling athletes from all over the world to compete for their love of sport, country, and humanity. 

Athletes’ stories of overcoming poverty, war, and further adversity to become an Olympian inspires hearts and minds across the globe. Many athletes recount experiences watching the Olympics on TV as a child, only to become a world champion of their own. 

In contrast, is the tragic monopoly and ultra monetization of these commonwealth games by NBC in the United states. Broadcast television has drastically changed over the last three decades. These are not the same family rooms who eagerly watched Mary Lou Retton win gold, or assembled generations to watch the premiere of Roots for eight nights. 

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The broadcast of the Olympic games in the United States today has been cut off from millions of families by the NBC charter. The core principles and spirit of these International games have survived the world’s toughest decades of war and integration, only to meet its greatest challenge of all, greed. 

Nearly every country of the world broadcasts the Olympics at the price of a cheap TV with an antenna, or an internet connection, but not in the U.S. Instead, families must seek out an NBC affiliate accessible only with a cable subscription at a cost of $50 per month, or $130 with Internet; we must consider children need online access to attend school these days. This price is too high for millions of families throughout the U.S, and excludes tens of millions of Americans from the international Olympic games!

The Olympics must be free and accessible to the world audience! Free for the price of an old TV and an antenna, or internet connection. Not commercial free, but accessible to all broadcast channels and the “free market,” NOT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, and for all citizens in the United States! Shame on you NBC!

Daniel Biller
Father of three

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Huge crowd in BL

Blue Lake’s 53rd annual Annie & Mary Day celebration in Blue Lake was “back on track” on Sunday, July 11 after a one year hiatus. We had the largest crowd in over 40 years, the weather was perfect and the vibes were positive.  

We gratefully appreciate all those who donated to our raffle. They are: Jonsteen Trees, Coast Central Credit Union, Jewell Distillery, Cal-Fire Plumbing and Fire Suppression, Honeycomb Coffee, Mad River Alliance, Just My Type, Mad River Brewery, Paradise Cay Publishing, Dell’Arte, Abundance, BLT Designs, Summer Daugherty, Murphy’s Market, Friends of the Annie & Mary Trail, Susan Lewis, Blue Chair Press, Vaughn Hutchins, Colleen Hole, Ted Jones, Redwood Capital Bank, Royal Gold, Cheerful Designs, Wallace and Hinz, Karen Miller, Logger Bar, Keith and Mariel Morison, David Hitchcock and Danelle Merz, Dave Feral and Green Diamond.   

Special kudos go to the Mad River Union, Lost Coast Communications, Times Standard and the North Coast Journal for helping publicize Annie and Mary Day.  Thank you to the Backseat Drivers, Dead On, Cadillac Ranch and Barn Fire for providing wonderful music throughout the day.  

We could not have put on this successful event without the effort of Adelene Jones, our vendor coordinator; Mariel Morison, our parade coordinator; Glenn Bernold, car show coordinator and Rick Levin who made sure the music happened.  

Hope to see you all at next year’s Annie and Mary Day Celebration.

Marvin Samuels, president Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce
Blue Lake

GOP’s Jan. 6 win-win

The GOP has placed itself in a position that, whatever is discovered about Trump’s involvement in the January 6 Capitol attack, its base should remain strong.

The party has emphasized that the only fair investigative process is by an independent bipartisan commission. The House of Representatives passed a measure to form one, but GOP minority leader McConnell made sure the measure died in the Senate.

The other viable process given the current congressional alignment is through a House select committee. The House has approved the formation of such a committee with 8 members chosen by Democrat Speaker Pelosi and 5 by GOP minority leader McCarthy.

But McCarthy has cast doubt on this process. He’s unclear on if he will make any appointments and allegedly has threatened to strip House GOP members of committee assignments if they participate.

Let’s assume the committee forms and issues a report. If it assigns little blame to Trump, the GOP will say he was vindicated and the process was just another witch-hunt. If it finds Trump majorly at fault, the GOP will claim the process partisan and announce the findings as fake news. 

Either way, the GOP wins with its base little affected.

Sherman Schapiro



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