LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers are now going to fund development costs


I guess you get what you pay for. With a 4-1 vote (Supervisor Mark Lovelace dissenting) the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors recently voted to reduce developers’ costs and eliminate others.

By eliminating the fair share cost policy in the General Plan Update, developers are now not responsible for the costs of infrastructure improvements that benefit their developments.
Who is now responsible for these costs? The taxpayers are.

I’m sure the savings the developers realize will be passed on to the consumers.

Supervisor Estelle Fennell stated that the additional costs are responsible for the lack of affordable housing. I find it hard to believe that by eliminating the infrastructure costs for developers will suddenly now create affordable housing, By the way, just what is considered affordable?

With the elimination of infrastructure costs and the Humboldt County Association of Governments giving Caltrans $23 million to help fund the Safety Corridor project, dollars that could have gone to assist in eliminating the $5 million backlog in road repairs and improvements in the county are now gone. Any repairs and improvements will now be taken out of other county budgets.

Of course, if need be, they can raise our taxes.

Scott Baker



Protest gives Planned Parenthood a financial boost

Dear Editor,

Many people know by now that Six Rivers Planned Parenthood was picketed by the 40 Days for Life campaign, an anti-woman, anti-family campaign that limits a woman’s choice in pregnancy to what they want for her. At Planned Parenthood, we know we are not in her shoes and cannot make decisions or pass judgments about what women “should” want, whether it is to parent, to adopt or to terminate.

In response to the picketers, our community gave generously and often in support of our mission, services and core values.

Donors raised over $16,000 in small and larger one time donations, or by pledging a dollar or two a day as a way of speaking out against this harassment and attempted intimidation of our patients, staff and volunteers.

Community members even dropped off cake, cookies and coffee to remind us that they stand behind us and the women and families we serve.  All of the support made us feel valued and understood.

Our mission is to support women, men and their families by meeting them where they are.  We do so with medically accurate information and a deeply caring and non judgmental staff. We thank the community for your trust and confidence. Please join us for the public events planned by Clergy for Choice 40 days of Prayer and Contemplation. Ours is not a protest but a celebration.


Denise Vanden Bos, CEO

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood


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