Letters to the Editor, Sept.11, 2019

ABC Board of Appeals was too lenient with drug-dealing bars 

As a citizen of Arcata I am outraged by the California ABC appeals court’s finding and request for leniency! I believe an ABC license is granted with the understanding that said business will safeguard the public from clear hazards such as serving under aged customers, refusing to serve customers that are too intoxicated, providing a safe place to enjoy libations. 

The laws seem clear; you violate this trust you lose your license. In the case of Sal Costanzo or Toby and Jack’s and Sidelines, you can sell methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine and who knows what else and get a second chance? 

NO Way! They should lose their license and be banned forever from getting another license! Sure they can sell their license and business or sell olive oil on the Plaza; they can’s sell drugs or alcohol, closed, done, that’s it! 

I am shocked their business’ has not been protested, or that Humboldt State does not show public concern for their students. 

I will write the California ABC appeals court. I feel strongly American citizens are fighting a battle today against corruption of public officials acting upon their own bias, not as a representative of the people. The appeals court is clearly not safeguarding public interest! 

Citizens demand better justice and true democracy.

Daniel Bixler

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The Community Forest and Ridge Trail are blessings

I’d like to thank the City of Arcata, and especially Mark Andre, director of Environmental Services, for their vision in creating Arcata’s community forest, and their dedication to maintaining and expanding this forest. 

For over 40 years, my husband and I have enjoyed hiking, biking and horseback riding in this beautiful redwood forest, and we feel blessed to live in a community that values access to nature. 

The city recently finished a small logging operation. Though it is always difficult to see trees cut down, the conscientious manner in which logging is done in this forest is actually enhancing the health of the rest of the forest. On our hikes, we notice an increasing number of trees that are reaching a significant size, and the diversity within this forest is no accident.

 I’d also like to thank the city staff for their vision in creating the Ridge Trail, which connects the Sunny Brae forest with the main Community Forest. 

Our property borders the Ridge Trail, and at first there were a few neighbors that were concerned that this trail would open up our neighborhood to trespassers. On the contrary, this trail has actually eliminated trespassers, and all we hear now are the occasional whoops of people joyously descending the Ridge Trail. 

I understand that there is currently a lawsuit holding up the completion of this trail. Though I understand the need to protect a neighborhood water source, I feel like the City has bent over backwards to work with everyone concerned in a professional manner, and I hope this will soon be resolved so that our community of outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the vision of hiking and biking from one end of Arcata to the other. What a gift!

 Lisa Bethune

Mad River Rotary thanks

Mad River Rotary would like to thank both Royal Gold and McKinleyville Ace Hardware for their donations of ground over and product transport to the Hiller Park Botanical Garden in McKinleyville. 

Royal Gold generously donated the needed ground cover to put the finishing touches on the garden. Ace Hardware picked the product up and delivered it to the garden where it was then spread around. 

Thanks again to both of these businesses for assisting Mad River Rotary in beautifying a local park. 

Cindy Sutcliffe


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