Letters to the Editor, October 2, 2019

Drainage painage

Can you explain how the drainage works as water flows down Mary to Steenblock Avenue in McKinleyville? 

County Public Worls says it’s supposed to drain into the U.S. Highway 101 ditch. Steenblock is a dead end st with a small green belt.

You can see in the picture there is no way to drain and it stops at the fence. The ditch on 101 is dirt and heavily filled with vegetation so it sits at the water table level. 

Caltrans says the ditch is OK even though they are affecting the neighborhood.

Susan Franke

Nuke the gophers

Pouring gasoline down a hole is not only ineffective in killing gophers, tossing a match in will not produce a loud boom. 

McKinleyville gophers are much to shrewd and resilient to fall for such amateur tactics and you’d be lucky to get a minor poof from five gallons.

For the desired results, I prefer nuking them.

Robb Willis





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