Letters to the Editor, November 25, 2020

Manila’s shantytown

Dear community members,

We would like to alert you about and ask for your help in solving an environmental and humanitarian problem that is getting worse in Manila.

As some of you may know, there is a growing shantytown located along the banks of Humboldt Bay along State Route 255 about a quarter mile south of Pacific Avenue. It grew over night between Dec. 19 and Dec. 20, with the addition of black tarps and several more tents.

There’s also a wood house with a metal chimney and several tents and makeshift houses. A few weeks ago, someone created a driveway through the vegetation and over the railroad tracks, which allowed a dilapidated trailer and motor home to be towed over the tracks and be placed near the shoreline. There are also several vehicles out there.

Among our concerns is that now that the shantytown has been established, even more people will be attracted to the location, and the unpermitted town will grow even larger.

Obviously, there is no sewer service in the area, so the sewage from the town is likely entering and contaminating Humboldt Bay. It appears that trees and vegetation are being cleared. This could potentially impact wildlife. There will be a growing quantity of trash and debris in the area.

Please note that this unpermitted development is located adjacent to oyster beds and is in the Pacific flyway. This could potentially harm our oysters as well as the health of the avian population that depends on our bay.

We would like law enforcement to work with Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies and nonprofits to assist the shantytown’s residents and provide them with services and housing. We would like the trailers and other debris to be removed.

Let’s try to solve the problem before the situation gets worse. Please let us know if you need any more information or if we can be of assistance.

Jack and Kim Durham

Life matters

Becoming great or grand are preposterous goals; however, quite recently, I became a great, grand-father! This designation doesn’t offer many special rights, nevertheless, as a male of the species, I am about to trespass on a very troubling subject: “abortion.” 

The procedure is obviously traumatic for those directly involved, regardless of the reason for the choice. (Years ago, my Mennonite mother had a miscarriage; I remember how reverently my parents buried the embryo. They were saddened. All LIFE is a precious gift!)

As you probably know, abortion was the dominating focus for countless millions of voters during the last general election. In the year 2016, Mr. Trump, very adroitly, changed his position on this issue. I was also surprised to discover that during the administrations of H.W. Bush and his son, G.W. Bush, abortion rates increased. 

Incredibly, when pro-choice was in place during the Clinton and Obama administrations, abortion rates decreased dramatically. The reasons being availability of affordable contraception, fewer teen-age pregnancies, better eduction and a better economy. (I may have been misinformed. If in doubt – please check it out.) 

John Wiebe

Donald, you fool

Congratulations to our President-elect Joe Biden and our Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their comfortable, convincing victory over the truly terrible, corrupt racist Republican Trump-Pence ticket. America is back, and diabolical Donald Trump is done!

Like usual, dishonest Donald Trump and his dishonorable, dimwitted sycophants are lying nonstop to the American public, but fortunately a majority of Americans are nowhere near as delusional as Donald Trump. 

Biden-Harris won easily, and anyone not suffering from brain damage (or fascist brainwashing) is well aware of the fact that Democrats Joe Biden & Kamala Harris won.  

But deranged Donald Trump continues to whine, cry, complain and compulsively lie to the point where the vast majority of Americans are just laughing at him. 

Traitor Trump is a plump chump who can’t stop lying, yet defeated Donald feigns outrage at not being believed. 

Donald, you’re a fool!

And more importantly, Donald Trump is now and will forever hereafter be known as America’s biggest loser and laughable liar. 

Oh yeah and by the way, enjoy prison, Trump!

Jake Pickering

Enough is enough

The 2020 election is over. Joe Biden has won with 306 electoral votes, the same number Trump received in 2016.

But the president thinks otherwise.

He has filed lawsuits challenging election outcomes claiming fraud.  Unfortunately for him, these legal challenges are failing, mostly due to a lack of credible evidence.

So now the president is meddling with the results in Michigan instead. He has personally contacted several GOP election officials there and is also meeting with some state lawmakers at the White House. There are even rumors he may employ similar tactics in Pennsylvania.

Clearly Trump is trying to use his presidential influence to change election outcomes. He would like to get state electors to support him, not the winner Biden. What is truly despicable is that no GOP congressional leader has openly condemned his efforts.

It’s time for Speaker Pelosi to say enough is enough. She needs to introduce a House bill censuring the president for his conduct and demanding he concede. 

He has not only tampered with the election, but he has violated his oath of office by neglecting his presidential duties spending time on a personal obsession rather than leading our country during the pandemic.

Sherman Schapiro


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