Letters to the Editor, November 20, 2019

A heartfelt blurt

In a recent meeting of the Arcata Planning Commission (Sept. 10, 2019) the plight of mobilehome dwellers was being discussed. One City official remarked that if residents of a mobilehome park were displaced by a projected park closure, such people could find another place to live. 

A woman in the audience blurted out in response – “UNDER A BRIDGE!” The audience, consisting largely of senior citizens, erupted in supportive laughter. The official then engaged in a lecture criticizing the audience’s spontaneous response to the woman’s remark. 

The woman was responding to the fact that in the Humboldt County area there is an acute housing shortage and the choices of a dwelling site are few to none.  This is a very pertinent remark because the area’s lack of affordable  housing has forced many people to live on the streets. 

The city staff member took offense with the woman’s breaking with protocol, ignoring the stark and grim reality facing so many of Humboldt County’s residents. Instead of responding sensitively to the woman’s expression of human need, the staff member ducked behind protocol, rebuking her and the audience for their spontaneous outburst.

 The real problem is there is no place for displaced mobilehome park residents to live. They become forgotten, unwanted people. The woman’s remarks should have been valued for her portrayal of that reality. The world sorely needs more people like the woman and the audience of seniors who supported her. Yes, the woman broke protocol, and so did Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Henry David Thoreau, and countless others who spoke out for the well-being of the common citizen.

To the woman who made the remark – thank you. To the City officialdom’s callous indifference, shame on you. Where have sympathy, understanding and compassion gone?

Don Bowlus
Suzanne Castiglione

ZEROIDS The Zero Waste Humboldt Board of Directors: Cami Zapata, Arcata; Kelly Fortner, secretary, McKinleyville; Xiomara Fambrough, treasurer, Arcata; Jenifer Sherman-Ruppe, Eureka; Denise Newman, Freshwater; Xandra Mann, Eureka; Morgan McEvoy, president, Arcata. The ZWH board still has 2 vacancies and several committees for specific projects, events, public education, and Zero Waste advocacy. They’re planning for 2020 to be a year of real progress and invite individuals with skills and experience to join at zerowastehumboldt.org/getinvolved. Photo by Zero Waste Humbolt Vice President Maggie Gainer, Bayside

Community partners help Zero Waste Humboldt fulfill its mission

On behalf of Zero Waste Humboldt’s Board of Directors, I’d like to express our gratitude for the community’s support and participation in annual Zero Waste Day, Nov. 15. 

The generous contributions of Kokatat, Coast Central Credit Union, Papa Wheelies, The Kind Jerky, Rock Solid 4x4, Wildflower Cafe, Lost Coast Roast, Humboldt Bay Provisions, Pacific Outfitters, Arcata Scoop, Sarah Corliss of Forbes & Associates, Six Rivers Brewery, Trinity Rivers Vineyards, BCM Drywall and Beachcomber Café will support ZWH public education, advocacy and new Zero Waste Business Certification Program in 2020.

We appreciate the North Coast Co-op, Northcoast Environmental Center, and HSU Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program for their public education efforts on Zero Waste Day.

As always, we appreciate the Mad River Union for its coverage of Zero Waste events and services.  

The Zero Waste Method is much better understood now than when we introduced it to Humboldt County in 2011, and the Zero Waste movement continues to grow and waste reduction becomes business as usual.

With sincere appreciation,
Morgan McEvoy, president
Zero Waste Humboldt

Outer Space Arcata has to relocate

Note: Outer Space Arcata is an arts and music collective and DreamMaker Project of the Ink People Center for the Arts located in the old Copeland Lumber building at 11th and M streets in Arcata since 2017.

Its Facebook page describes its mission as “community building, empowering youth,  and promoting the understanding of societies’ oppressions through  education and creative expression.” 

Outer Space Arcata hosts “diverse and  wide-ranging programming, including educational workshops, classes, live  performances, an in-house library, cooperatively run artisan gift shop,  and gallery space.” 

The organization last week announced its involuntary departure from its venue via this letter. – Ed.

Dear Outer Space Friends, Patrons and Supporters,

We regret to inform you all that the building we are in has been sold and our lease has not be renewed, ending our operations at our current site of 1100 M St., Arcata as of Dec. 12, 2019. 

We hope you can join us in saying goodbye to the space by coming to one of the shows we have in this final month... 

We are taking steps to find a new site, discussions having begun within minutes of receiving our tenancy termination letter... Our members are passionate about bringing you a space to create magic in our community, and value your contribution to the spirit of Outer Space. That being said, any support you can give in our final month at our current location would make all the difference in how easy this transition is! 

Having your classes and workshops, coming to our final shows, giving us a heads up on real estate options, and offering help with the move and storage space in the case of an interim of time between spaces are a few types of support that we need. 

We are looking forward to the positive changes this move will bring and hope you will carry on your workshops, shows, and art events in our eventual new home. 

Additionally we hope that a new location might breathe new life into our space, bringing more awareness of us to the public and perhaps widening access. 

Please reach out if you’re able to support us in any way, have any questions, and please let your friends know this is the last chance for the community to experience our current location and help support us during this time of transition.

Thank you,

Outer Space Arcata Collective
P.S. You can donate to Outer Space through the Ink People  at inkpeople.org/dreammaker-data/outer-space-arcata.
And become a member of our Patreon: patreon.com/OuterSpaceArcata



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