Letters to the Editor, May 5, 2021

Dogged by reality

I sent a letter on the mega-grow and tragedy of the Dog “Sophie,” which thankfully missed deadline or whatever. Anyway, after reading the Arcata City Council’s opinion (Union, April 28) I realize that I may not know what I am talking about and I don’t live in Arcata.

I don’t know why that neighbor shot Sophie with apparently no attempt to contact the owners. A terrible, cruel thing to do. From my time in the woods, I learned that stray or uncontrolled dogs have been the bane of rural land-owners for generations. Livestock gets attacked, wildlife gets destroyed. One of the first bubbles to pop when people get that acreage is the fantasy that now, finally their dog(s) can run free. No, they cannot.

I deeply resented the neighbor’s dog pack roaming my land and scaring off the resident wildlife, some of which I hoped to harvest in season. Plan on starting out with a minimum of a one half-acre rectangle fenced off around your domicile. have a big garden, fruiting shrubs, nut and fruit trees, etc. and a nice, big yard for your dog(s). Later you can expand fencing when funds and plans allow. 

Timothy Crlenjak

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The party of NO

I have voted in every election for over 50 years. For most of those years I voted in California, but I have also voted in Oregon and Washington states, both of which are vote by mail states. 

I learned in the 1960s that it was dangerous to sign petitions especially since the FBI and the Republican Party were eager to get their hands on the information attached to those petitions. 

I have been followed, harassed and inundated by unwanted mail from both of these organizations. It is odd that the Democratic Party could care less about hounding me.

With this in mind, I am aghast at how many people signed a petition to recall Governor Newsom. We all know this is a political ploy by the Party of NO, the Republicans, to get something they cannot seem to get on their own, the governorship of California. Really, Arnold Schwarzenegger does not count. Ask any died-in-the-wool Republican and they will tell you Arnold did nothing for the party.

And how could he? This is the Party of NO. The Republican Party has not said yes to any legislation, county, state or federal, in the past 40 years, except one of the most odious Tax provisions that, in 2017, gave the very most to the least number of people. 

They say no to immigrants, poor people, people of color, homeless people, people who disagree with them and especially anyone who is even mildly Democratic. They say no to nominees, invent spurious reasons to not give hearings on justices; they gut any legislation that works to keep money out of politics and claim they do good things. 

Folks, while this is a Republic, this country is the beacon for Democratic ideals and has been since its inception 245 years ago. With a two-party system, one party cannot continually be the Party of NO.

Back to the recall. In the 173-year history of the state of California over 200 recall petitions have been signed. In the new case the reasoning behind the recall is appalling.

In this country over 32 million people have contracted COVID-19 with more than 570,000 deaths. 

The state of California has a population approaching 40 million, the most of any state, has seen 3.7 million cases with just under 62,000 deaths. Can you imagine what it would have been had the state not taken restrictive measures? The petitioners want the governor recalled because he made them shut down gathering places and wear masks. Really? 

Even worse than this stupid reason for the recall is the cost of the election. The recall election will cost the taxpayers, (you and me) $100,000,000. That is million, folks. How many children could you feed with that money? How many homeless could you house with that much money?

Gavin Newsom is up for reelection in 2022. If you don’t like him, vote him out of office. But NO! A small collection of Republicans, primarily in Riverside and Fresno counties, are forcing us to spend $100 million. 

I encourage all of you to go out and vote in this election. Send a message to The Party of No that we will not be intimidated by the money they spend. We still have unimpeded voting rights in this state. With any luck, ballots will once again be mailed to everyone. 

Please vote against this odious recall so we can get on with the business of recovery.

Thank you for listening,
Jan Phelps

Lunatic losers

A recent NPR/PBS/Marist survey found that only 6 percent of Democratic men are declining to be vaccinated against COVID-19, whereas a whopping 49 percent of Republican men are refusing to be vaccinated. 

 What’s up with these Republican snowflakes? These so-called “men” can’t stand the sting of a little needle? Pathetic. Chuck Norris should kick y’all in the teeth for being such a bunch of bozos! That is if the GOP’s current party leaders – Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl – have any teeth left at this point, since Kamala Harris’ left jab and Joe Biden’s right cross have left these lunatic losers looking totally toothless as of late.

 Speaking of late, how much longer is it going to take for recalcitrant Republicans to get a clue about that racist Russophile Donald Trump’s so-called “Kung Flu” that was supposed to fade away, according to Don the con, “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.” 

 Of course what actually disappeared were the lives of 570,000 innocent Americans, in addition to deranged diabolical dimwit Donald Trump disappearing from the White House in defeat and disgrace, thanks to over 81 million patriotic American voters collectively reclaiming their democracy by firing that fascist fool in landslide fashion.

 In the spirit of bipartisan compromise, I say go ahead and build the wall that Donald Trump wanted, but not on the southern border. Build that wall ten stories tall all the way around Mar-a-Lago with spikes on top and armed American guards in watchtowers, not to mention massive moats filled with snakes and alligators outside of the electrified Trump Wall of Treason, just to be sure that former President Agent Orange never leaves Palm Beach again! 

 Best of all, Mexico probably actually would pay for this wall, or we can always just send the bill straight to the culprits in the Kremlin. Former KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin’s useless insane idiot Trump can rot in his own personal prison, just like Mike Lindell and Donald Trump, Jr.’s favorite cocaine trafficker General Manuel Noriega of Panama did once upon a time in South Florida.

Jake Pickering

Raise a glass to Tim

“You don’t know where you are until you go somewhere else.” This is one of my favorite sayings and I have found this to be true every time I leave Humboldt County and return. 

Despite most news headlines focused largely on the crime and the challenges our community faces, we do live in a beautiful place where people share their wonderful essence in making it better. 

We sat around the dinner table last night and read aloud Michael Field’s tribute to Tim Gray (Union, April 28). While I did not know Tim well personally, I did know him through friends and attending the many Dell’Arte productions he was a part of. 

Here is an example where local news is so appreciated and necessary. Celebrating individuals like Tim makes me thankful and aware of the enormous gift people like him are in our community. 

As a fellow whiskey partaker, I raise my glass; cheers to Tim and all the joy you brought to others! You will be tremendously missed! 

Mairead Dodd

Two haiku, just for you

2020: A Strange Year of Illness

COVID came last year,
Killed thousands; one good thing though,
Few colds, little flu.

The Vaccination Challenge 

The virus mutates,
We attempt to stay ahead.
Call it an “arms race.”

Sherman Schapiro

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