Letters to the Editor, May 19, 2021

Alternatives to vacuous online schlock

Now that COVID is at least partly under control and I am fully vaccinated, I have ventured again to begin using public transportation. I am most thankful for this because owning a car, basically, is owning a bottomless pit. That said, while the schedules are a bear, I am managing with the help of my bicycle and my feet and having a book to read.

Most people seem to entertain themselves these days with Wi-Fi laptops or cell phones. I happened to look down at one of these devices as I was waiting by the back door of the bus to disembark at my first stop. Now I can hear the smart ass aspect of the human population saying, “If you don’t like it, don’t look.” What I saw, passing, apparently, for entertainment, was a sweet young cat reaching up to a person with one foot on the individual’s knee (human not otherwise visible) trusting and being set up to get what appeared to be a pot pie in the face. The picture then blanked out, so whether the animal was hideously burned, which it would have been if said pie had been in the oven, or half asphyxiated, was not shown. 

Once, long ago, I saw a child being similarly abused in one of these so-called entertainment schlock channels on the Internet, a young trusting child in a tub full of bubbles being encouraged to breathe the soap, and the child’s face turned from delight to shock and doubt. Apparently there are a lot of these home video acts of cruelty available for entertainment. 

I am not online, though I did have email for a while. The Internet puts 270,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, and for what? So the asshole human race can get its rocks off looking at hideous cruelties and vacuous schlock? What the hell does that do for anybody? Make money? Make them powerful and in control? Vicarious vengeance? You’ve seen the bumper sticker, “Read a F...ing Book.” I’d like to add, “Write a f...ing Letter.” You could help the Post Office and learn penmanship, which nobody has any more. Not a bad deal.

Naomi Silvertree

Another Trump logic fail 

I am not educated on politics. However, I try to stay informed.

Since January 6, I have heard that many people, including Donald Trump, seem absolutely convinced that he is still president. Biden has stolen the election and is serving illegitimately.

So, if that is the case, President Trump is, in fact, our president. Therefore, he is serving his second term RIGHT NOW! I still receive recorded messages asking to donate to help the president return to his rightful position in the White House.

Let’s jump to 2024. If a president can serve only two terms, how is it that Trump will be able to campaign? How will a two- term president run for term #3?

 Just curious!

Louise Bacon-Ogden

Our officiating shortage

Hello Humboldt Sports Fans! I have been involved in high school athletics for 27 years, officiating softball and volleyball. I also assign officials for both sports. I am writing to inform you of a crisis we have in our youth sports arena: WE HAVE A SHORTAGE OF OFFICIALS FOR YOUTH SPORTS!

The shortage is not only in these two sports, but in all sports at the high school level, including football, basketball, soccer and baseball. 

I have noticed over the years that our recruiting efforts to find new officials fall short each year. This year in softball, we have 12 umpires serving nine high schools, five or six of which will be aging out probably this next year. We need new recruits that love the game and like to make some extra cash. We will train and you can be as busy as you wish. 

Games start at 4 p.m. during the week and then a double header on Saturdays starting at 11 a.m. There are also MANY youth games to work in order to prepare for high school games.

We will be in a serious pickle in next year when high school athletics are in full swing again. If you’re willing, please get a hold of me so we can get you out there on the field and allow these athletes to showcase their skills.

Thanks for reading,
Jan Henry
Blue Lake


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