Letters to the Editor, March 25–April 1

Thanks to those who keep us going

In a crazy time like this, a little kindness towards, and appreciation of, those in our community that are on the front lines goes a long way. 

Thank you to our local journalists, who are keeping us very well informed. Your hard work and dedication to providing our community with accurate and up-to-date news is beyond admirable. 

Thank you to our local educators, who are scrambling to figure out a new way to deliver an education to our students that live in very diverse home situations. Your devotion to our children is appreciated more than you know. 

Thank you to our first responders, who are always ready to help us whenever we need it. We don’t say thank you nearly enough. 

Thank you to our grocery clerks, and everyone else behind the scenes that keep our food supply stable. Daily, you are witnessing the best and the worst of human behavior, as well as having to leave your families at home while you come to work to make sure we all have food and supplies. Thank you! 

A giant thank you to our medical support teams, from our local doctors and nurses, to all of the others that support them (lab workers, assistants, receptionists, and especially the housekeeping staff that are doing their best to keep everything disinfected). You are truly on the front lines, and we can’t thank you enough. You are always there to take care of us, and right now we need to do everything we can to take care of you, by following all guidelines, washing our hands regularly, and keeping our distance socially. 

And finally, a thank you to our community leaders, who are bravely trying to lead us through these unchartered waters. We know you are doing your very best for all of us, and the personal sacrifices you make in order to help all of us are deeply appreciated. 

Together, as a community, we will make it through this… but only if we work together. 

Be kind, and remember to thank people as often as you can.

 Lisa Bethune


Compliance questionable

I live in Arcata. When I exit my house to go shop for groceries, it is obvious that something serious is going on. The streets are relatively empty and many businesses seem to have closed their doors. This makes sense since Governor Newsom issued a stay-at-home order for the whole state due to the COVID-19 virus.

Yesterday, I ventured into McKinleyville to pick up a prescription and was astounded and shocked at how busy the streets were. It seemed to be business as usual. It seemed as though all businesses were open, not just essential ones; the bookstore and auto parts stores among them. 

I understand that stores need to remain open so folks can get needed items, but it was the sheer number of people who were out and about that concerned me. 

There aren’t many people who have tested positive for the virus, but of course there aren’t many people getting tested. 

I am in my 40s and healthy; however, I live in a household with three family members who are all over 70; one has a terminal illness, one has an underlying respiratory issue, and one is 97 years old. We have hospice health care folks visiting our home. 

I am the person who goes into town to run errands and I take many measures to try to assure that I don’t bring the virus into my home, as I cannot afford to have my family members contract the COVID-19 virus.

Seeing the business-as-usual environment of McKinleyville makes me think that McKinleyville officials and the majority of residents are not taking this threat seriously. 

Just because we are in a rural area does not excuse our community from this risk but rather exposes us to a possible outbreak. We don’t know who has traveled where and we don’t know who is an asymptomatic carrier. 

I would like to see stricter restrictions for shelter-in-place now, to avoid an outbreak in our communities in the weeks to come. Thank you for your attention.

Elizabeth Venturi

Fake logic

Most medical experts agree it will take a number of months of limited social interaction to gain control over the COVID-19 virus. But President Trump sees this cure as more of a curse. For the sake of the U.S. economy, he’d like to loosen things up in several weeks just in time for Easter.

The Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas also wants the country to get back to business in weeks, not months. He says vulnerable seniors should understand we can’t afford to sacrifice the country’s future because of the virus. In other words, if more seniors die it’s OK because the economy may not otherwise be strong enough to survive for younger generations.

I find his an interesting concept. In a sense Patrick is implying that seniors should agree to euthanasia to relieve pain, but not their own pain. Rather the pain that the economy is going through. In the US today, in most states euthanasia is either illegal, or if legal, requires difficult steps to achieve. Here the Lt. Governor is approving euthanasia for all seniors a priori because he says it will benefit America’s future.

When I examine the two arguments above I find them both quite flawed. They both place the economy ahead of the health of U.S. citizens which I think is immoral by its very nature. And I also think both are examples of “fake logic,” which is sadly par for the course in the age of Trump.

Sherman Schapiro

25th Amendment

Donald Trump is a total idiot.
A lying fraud and a fascist failure.
It’s 25th Amendment time.
Get lost, Trump! See you later.
“I take no responsibility at all,”
Said incompetent Don the con.
Even Pence would be an improvement
Over Trump whose mind is gone.
Was it snorting Sudafed constantly
That fried Trump’s tiny empty brain?
Or was it his untreated syphilis
That made Trump totally insane?
Trump called coronavirus a hoax!
(Joe Biden for President, folks.)
But for the next several months,
The 25th Amendment will have to do.
Unlike Trump the chump, at least
Mike Pence isn’t a complete fool.
Trump, can’t you act like an adult?
For at least a few minutes on TV?
No, Donald Trump simply cannot,
With brain damage from porn star V.D.
Is Trump’s Adderall addiction to blame?For the fact Putin’s puppet is insane?
Or was Trump just always a bad seed?
You know that’s what happens when
Those filthy rich people interbreed.

 Jake Pickering


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One Comment;

  1. Glenn Simmons said:

    Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas can no longer claim to be pro-life. He’s actually a closet eugenicist.