Letters to the Editor, March 13, 2019


YELLOW VESTER Rainer Shea mounted a Yellow Vest protest on a McKinley-less Plaza during Saturday’s Farmers’ Market, joining others worldwide to accomplish several goals. These include ending neoliberalism and reining in corporate power, helping poor and working people, restoring the social safety net, increasing worker benefits and the minimum wage, ending war, reducing the military budget, halting foreign intervention, limiting government control, dismantling the surveillance state and demilitarizing police. "Americans want a yellow vest movement," Shea said. KLH | Union

Fix McK’s north Central Avenue first

I moved to McK in 1970 when it had about 5,000 residents.  With three times that many residents now, we have done nothing to improve the north half of Central Avenue.  

As we are arguably the second-largest population center in Humboldt County, we are the only larger community with access to the Pacific Ocean. If you don’t mind walking in the road.  

This is the main road into McK and there are no shoulders and the road is in terrible condition halfway into the lane.  

Many thanks to most of the courteous people of McK there have been no fatalities that I am aware of.  

Before we doll up the other entrances to our community, let’s fix the north half of our main entrance to the north so that walkers, strollers and bicycles have a safer access to Clam Beach and drivers don’t have to go halfway across the yellow line to avoid hitting someone.  

I have mentioned this to supervisors past with only “we’re working on it” and nothing else.  Maybe Steve Madrone can get something done.

Robert Thoman

Solidarity with store greeters

Recently the WalMart corporation has created new physical standards for the store greeters. these new standards disqualify 90 percent of the store greeters.

In the past, WalMart has hired persons with physical disabilities for these positions. Now, with these standards, which the disabled cannot meet, will cause them to be terminated.

What started out as a commenndable hiring practice has now added another black mark on the WalMart corporation.

To show your support, people should cease shopping at WalMart until this practice ends.

Scott R. Baker

Drooling over daffodils

I hope the party who stole my lovely daffodils will have a very guilty conscience. It was done during the night of March 14. 

It might not seem much, but as far as the principle of the thing is concerned, a small theft is just as wrong as a greater theft and is so disgraceful and shows very little bringing up in the home living of that party who is guilty.

I’m sure if a person is drooling at the mouth for flower, one would only be too glad to give them a few rather than have them stolen in such a scandalous way, though I do want to say thanks for leaving my bulbs.

Mrs. Fred Papini
1763 H St.
March 14, 1952


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One Comment;

  1. gerrit strand said:

    Now that the Mckinley statue is on it’s way to Ohio, where it belongs, good riddance.. but whether or not politically incorrect, it was a piece of art, after all and it did take away the ambiance of Arcata’s downtown center, as most historic or aesthetic features would have done, leaving an empty, useless space. That said, have there been any plans to replace it with something else? I’m a newcomer in town and I actually liked the statue when I first saw it. It sort of belonged there, I thought, until I saw the fine print.. Possibly replace it with a sculpture? I’m sure there are lots of artists out there aching to put one in. Maybe just a nice tree? A palm tree? Or something..