Letters to the Editor, March 11, 2020

Stop animal insanity

This is an open letter to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

I am deeply saddened by the drastic decrease in time a homeless animal is given at the county shelter before being killed. It’s disturbing. 

Did you know that to give every homeless animal a home, each human must take in seven animals? This includes infants and people incapable of caring for themselves. This is impossible. 

Humboldt County needs to be humane and finally enact a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for all dogs and cats in this county. 

Did you ever notice that most animals posted on the “lost animal” sites are not fixed? So, while they are roaming, they are breeding. 

Please stop this insanity. What is happening now is not working. Rescues cannot keep up with the irresponsible pet owners in this county. 

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors: Please enact a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance ASAP. This IS a matter of life and death. 

Thank you,
Mara Parker

Bernie and Marx

Vermont’s Senator Sanders would be a disaster as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in 2020, which would only assure a 2nd term for deranged Donald Trump against all odds. We cannot afford to roll the dice in November. The political stakes are far too high for that this year. 

Are we American adults actually supposed to buy into Bernie’s B.S. that he has supposedly turned over a new leaf and is now a so-called “democratic socialist,” whatever that’s supposed to mean? The fact that revolutionary Marxist socialist Eugene Debs is Bernie Sanders’ professed personal hero says otherwise, folks. 

First and foremost, Sanders is now and always has been a Marxist socialist. There is no question about it. Why do you think that foolish, far-Left communist caricature publicly calls for revolution constantly? Bernie is no Michael Harrington, that’s for sure. Sanders is a Marxist socialist of the old school, Soviet Stalinist variety.

If Sanders is really a “democratic socialist” as he falsely claims, then why is there so much publicly available videotaped documentation of pro-Soviet Senator Sanders proudly and passionately praising anti-American, totalitarian communist dictatorships? Would you care to answer that simple unavoidable question, Bernie Bros? (No, I didn’t think so.) 

As the vast majority of Americans over the age of 40 are already well aware, the political label “democratic socialism” is basically nonsensical and is every bit the contradiction in terms that the oxymoronic phrases “military intelligence,” “business ethics” or “Stalinist variety” are. Socialism is NOT democratic! Get a clue, Bernie crew.

Socialism is now and has always been fundamentally anti-democratic. Read Karl Marx sometime, if you don’t believe me. Bernie Sanders obviously has read and worshipped Karl Marx extensively, which explains Sanders’ personal political history.

Jake Pickering

Let social science win

Paul Pitino was absolutely right, it’s a bad idea to medicate a population via their drinking water, even if it does provide a profitable way for industry to get rid of industrial fluoride waste.

Fluorine and fluorides are used to make many modern products, like plastics, aluminum, steel, iron, glass, ceramics, rocket fuel, bomb-flavored uranium, refined petroleum products, insecticides, even nerve gas (Sarin), and more, producing thousands of tons of fluoride waste. Our drinking water should not serve as a convenient and lucrative sewer.

However, the argument is not about whether fluoridating water helps or hurts people or industry, it’s whether it is smart or necessary.

Fluoride’s beneficial dental effects have been known since the 1800s. Studies of people drinking fluorinated water since then have been of generally poor quality because of uncontrolled confounding variables like diet, dental hygiene, natural fluoride levels, and the widespread use of fluorinated toothpaste.

We do know that topical fluoride, found in fluorinated toothpaste, is equally effective in establishing therapeutic levels in saliva and preventing tooth decay as is consumed fluoride, without the unavoidable ingestion and systemic exposure.

Money saved from not fluorinating could be used to enhance dental hygiene including topical fluoride or fluorinated mouthwashes, perhaps in the schools. Many countries fluorinate salt and milk, making it an easy personal choice whether to ingest, or avoid. Drinking water is not optional.

Breast milk, many processed foods, and baby formulas have sufficient fluoride to raise salivary levels to therapeutic levels (deltadentalma.com/your-oral-health/articles/fluoride-in-infant-formulas/). Since fluorinated toothpaste and other food products are ubiquitous, fluorinating drinking water is superfluous. Warnings on fluorinated toothpaste (Avoid under 6 years old, call poison control if swallowed) are designed to prevent cumulative over-exposure, especially in children.

The reason there has been no “post vote” action by opponents of the 2006 referendum is that there has ben no motivation; remove fluoride from the water and the public health/dental community can fund equally effective and affordable options from the savings. There are many that are inherently safer, especially those promoting general hygiene and lowering sugar intake.

Unfortunately filtering out fluoride is expensive, so avoiding it when in our drinking water is nearly impossible.

I hope voters get to decide.

Ken Miller





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