Letters to the Editor, June 3, 2020

Mobilize for change

Derek Chauvin, a white policeman, celebrated 400 years of slavery in America by calmly, methodically suffocating George Floyd, an unarmed, handcuffed black man. Three of Chauvin’s cohorts stood guard to make sure no one would interfere.

The protests across the country sparked by George Floyd’s murder are a fitting and necessary expression of outrage and exasperation.

The bullying, white supremacist, patriarchal culture that permeates and damages each one of us has a maniacal accelerant in President Trump and the members of his administration — all selected on the basis of mindless loyalty combined with incompetence.

The Republican Party has become a ruthlessly anti-democratic force, relying on gerrymandering, court packing and voter suppression to maintain power. 

Democrats must win the presidency and the Senate in November to have any hope of tackling the systemic diseases that plague our country — racism, sexism, poverty, consumerism, constant war, and environmental degradation. The dominator culture personified by Chauvin and Trump is destroying us.

I urge each one of us to choose a way to take action. Through VoteForward.org, I’m writing letters to underrepresented citizens in swing states where both the presidency and the Senate are in play. My goal is to have 500 done by October, when it will be time to mail them.

Some of the other groups that can provide effective outlets for our outrage are: Indivisible, People for the American Way, Women’s March, Stand Up America, Swing Left, J Street, Democracy in Color, Daily Kos and genEquality.


Margaret Emerson

Distancing disregarded 

So glad to have our community spread appreciation for our local medical and emergency workers... but can’t they do this without also creating a perfect opportunity for the spread of novel coronavirus? It was very disturbing to see my local “hospital heroes” in a large group photo, with NO apparent attempt at distancing! 

Maybe the photographer should have taken the photo using the manlift in the background, which would have allowed everyone to be in the picture, and also allowed them to set a good example of what social distancing should look like! 

Of all the places that should be well aware of the dangers of a crowd right now, I would like the most informed to be my local hospital. Makes me think twice about using MRCH services. 

Marijane Poulton

Trashing Trinidad

Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend was beautiful. My husband and I took some time to sit on Launch Beach near the Little Head in Trinidad. My heart warmed to witness families of all ages enjoying themselves as well – kayaking, picnicking, playing fetch with their pups and just relaxing. 

As we left, I noticed a significant amount of litter in the parking lot and promised myself to return with gloves and trash bags the next day.

So I spent some time on Memorial Day gathering trash around the parking lots between the Big and Little Head. I collected two full bags and an armful of items too large to fit in a trash bag: old to-go boxes of food and condiment containers, receipts, single-use face masks, single-use gloves, used hand wipes, straws, cigarette butts, plastic coffee cups, plastic bags and aluminum cans.

I understand that we have been advised to protect ourselves from a virus by wearing gloves, masks and eating take-out, however, our natural surroundings are being impacted by these behaviors.

It saddens me to see this precious area littered in this way. It seems so disrespectful to view nature as something we can just “use”– to distract ourselves from our problems and have Her provide us with beauty, fun and enrichment. It is important that we, in turn, provide nature with beneficial support and care. 

I am all for people enjoying time outside, especially when it is respectful, harmonious and causes no harm.

Cresta Delphena Schiefer

Whitmer for Biden veep

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer should be the Democratic Party’s nominee for vice president in 2020. Whitmer gives Democrats their best chance of winning nationally on Nov. 3.

Personally, I’m partial to Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, but I would honestly prefer to have Senator Warren as Treasury Secretary and Senator Harris as U.S. Attorney General in an overwhelmingly victorious Biden/Whitmer Administration.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has already promised to choose a woman to be his vice president and specifically an African-American woman to be Biden’s judicial nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Biden will win in Pennsylvania big time. Considering Vice President Biden’s lifelong personal ties to the Keystone State (he’s from Scranton after all) Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes are a relatively easy pickup for the Democrats.

Securing Michigan’s 16 electoral votes is an urgent priority for the Biden campaign. Therefore, putting popular political rising star Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan on the Democratic ticket would clearly be of great benefit to the cause of reaching the 270 electoral vote total needed to win the presidency. 

Another potential candidate being considered by Vice President Biden is Georgia’s legitimate Governor Stacey Abrams who is currently heading the Fair Fight organization working to end the Republican Party’s illegal and unconstitutional nationwide voter suppression schemes. Abrams would be a charismatic pick for V.P.; however, winning officially in gerrymandered, jury rigged Georgia at this particular point in time is probably not a realistic goal. And, therefore, choosing Abrams would likely be a wasted choice in terms of securing electoral votes.

 None of the other potential vice presidential nominees are likely to actually add to the Democrats’ electoral college vote total, with the possible exception of Florida Congresswoman Val Demings who should be Biden’s backup choice for vice president. 

Jake Pickering


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