Letters to the Editor, June 21, 2020

Ignominy avoidance

Humboldt Grassroots received criticism for the protest debacle in Eureka a fortnight ago. Likely originally conceived as much an anti-police demonstration as a Black Lives statement, Black Humboldt was invited to participate after further consideration. 

HG was upstaged by an eloquent speech by BH spokesperson Mo Desir standing literally next to an accommodating law enforcement presence. This was termed “humiliating” by a HG spokesperson. The “Antifa” wannabees in the crowd sprayed some graffiti, promptly cleaned by generous locals Porter and Sons Painting, and vandalized a couple squad cars. Perhaps ‘Antipathy” would be a more apt moniker.

That said, Humboldt Grassroots should be commended for the entirely peaceful recent protest in McKinleyville, devoid of police presence, and where they managed to stay on a cogent message: Black Lives Matter. I hope this success will be a template for further demonstrations, while avoiding future ignominy.

John Dillon

The dreaded Antifa bus

Sheriff Honsal,

Just in case you haven’t read this Daily Kos article yet, I’m sending it along to you. I have, for the most part, been impressed with your work as Sheriff thus far — and your public communications. It makes it a bit difficult to believe what I just read. There are no “busloads of Antifa,” period. There is not one shred of evidence or actual sighting — you might as well look for UFOs. I’m not saying there is no Antifa — yes there are young people who congregate and aren’t afraid to use violence to counter right wing, sometimes armed, “militias” (“proud boys,” whatever) who are also seeking violent confrontations during large demonstrations. But unlike the militias, there is no organized Antifa. If you have heard about mobilized Antifa groups going out to terrorize our innocent towns, you’ve been following too much OAN.

Please, I have no fear of non-existent buses of Antifa. I am much more afraid to think that the sheriff of my county believes this crap. Like Antifa members I fear this country is moving toward fascism. One of fascism’s most successful tactics is instilling fear by repeating lies about “the other” coming to get you. Please let all of us in Humboldt County know that you would never fall for that — and would never make a statement without the evidence to back it up. I hope to see you make a public statement soon to dispel my fear.

Thank you,
Alan Sanborn

Defund the bigots

It is because I believe my fellow citizens’ lives do matter that I am concerned about calls to “abolish the police.” 

The result in the streets could go from bad to worse when the bigots take over:

Carman Gentile

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Give Pence a chance

CNN’s presidential poll released on June 8 gives former Vice President Joe Biden a 14 percent point lead nationally over soon-to-be former President Donald Trump.

 According to the recent broadside in print against Trump from his first Secretary of Defense James Mattis, “...We must reject any thinking of our cities as a ‘battlespace’ that our uniformed military is called upon to ‘dominate’... The Nazi slogan for destroying us was Divide and Conquer... Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people - does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us...”

If Trump’s favorite “Mad Dog” General James Mattis is openly comparing his former boss Donald Trump to a Nazi, then it’s well past time for traitor Trump to resign!

Attempting to hang on to the American presidency by hook or by crook in order to avoid federal prison will not be a successful sale for despicable Donald Trump in 2020.

With this in mind, partisan Republicans, it’s time for some profiles in courage from you usually craven conservatives. Dump Trump at your coronavirus convention! Just do it for America, already. No more excuses!

All we are saying is give Pence a chance.

Jake Pickering

Val Demings for VP

In a recent Letter, Jake Pickering argued that Joe Biden should pick Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate. I would like to present an alternative choice.

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, it was noted that historically blacks support Democrat candidates about 90% of the time. The article tied this statistic to a graphic that showed the number of non-voting blacks in key cities in 6 swing states including Florida along with Trump’s 2016 victory margin in each. The conclusion was, if the black voters had turned out, Hillary Clinton would most likely have won each state and the presidency.

So what should Biden do? First, in light of this analysis and the current civil unrest due to George Floyd’s death, Biden needs to select a black woman as his running mate.

Specifically, I would recommend Congresswoman Val Demings from Florida. She is black, started as a social worker, and then spent 27 years in the Orlando police department eventually becoming chief. I think this combination gives her an edge in appealing to black voters this year. Her pick, along with “Get out the Vote” programs in black neighborhoods in the 6 swing states and elsewhere, should go a long way to help Biden win in November.

Sherman Schapiro



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