Letters to the Editor, July 3, 2019

A bungling of fools

The Castration of Independence Day.

I had to do some shopping at Walmart yesterday and in the process came across some racks which had been set up to contain Walmart’s offerings of “fireworks.” The display was, for me, a horror show.

First of all, everything seemed to be midget sized. “Surely they have Roman Candles and those have got to be normal size,” I said to myself and then began looking for them.

Sure enough, I found some things which were shaped like Roman Candles, but on close inspection turned out to be instead tubes which spew what seemed to be prophylactics of various colors.

I guess they were rubbers; at least that’s what they seemed to be in the picture on the side of the tube.

Some of the items were tiny cones which seemed to be flairs. I guess they actually ignite. There were no sparklers.

There were however the ignitables which create little black worms. To me they symbolized what to me the “celebration” of Independence Day has become in California.

To the best of my memory, the supporters of the Revolution drew black worms on the front doors of the Tories’ houses. The Cuban word for traitor, by the way, is “gusano,” which literally translated means worm.

I’m sure all of this gutting of the fireworks available to us is due to laws which seek to protect us from ourselves and make our physical environment foolproof, a word which brings to mind something one of the giants of computing history, Charles Moore, was fond of saying, “If you make a system foolproof, only fools will use it.”

I won’t be so bold to say that Tories are behind all of this. I hate conspiracy theories. It was Napoleon himself who said that one should never explain with a conspiracy theory a misfortune which can be explained as the bungling of fools.

Tom Arnall

It takes a community to bring off an Arcata Bay Oyster Festival

Arcata Main Street thanks everyone who helped, enjoyed, and ate oysters at our 29th Oyster Festival this last Saturday. 

Over 12,000 people visited the Arcata Plaza to enjoy a day in the sun celebrating our local aquaculture. 

We couldn’t do it without our local Oyster Farmers: Humboldt Bay Oyster Company, Coast Seafoods/Pacific Seafoods, Aqua-Rodeo Farms, North Bay Shellfish and Hog Island Oyster Company.

Greg Dale from Coast Seafoods was instrumental in making sure we had an abundant oyster supply. 

Over 35 oyster vendors showcased their favorite recipes along with other great food booths. SeaQuake Brewery, Trinity Valley Vineyards and Humboldt Cider all generously donated beverages to our event. 

People from Tri Counties Bank, Coast Central Credit Union, US Bank, Redwood Capital Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank helped in our Token Booths. 

Humboldt Roller Derby, The Kinetic Universe, North Coast Quest Camp, Arcata’s Sunrise Rotary, the PacOut Green Team, and the Redwood Women’s Foundation helped in our beer and wine booths. 

Outerspace, an arts group, served as our Trash Ambassadors. Dan Bixler and Troop 124 Redwood Rangers were essential not only with setting up our booths but then taking them down at the end of the day, and helping at our water stations. 

Teams from McKinleyville, Arcata and Eureka High Schools hosted Oyster fundraising booths, and some helped us set up and tear down the event. 

Our Board of Directors took on new levels of responsibilities and projects for this years Oyster Festival proving again what dedicated and hardworking volunteers they are for Downtown Arcata. Nick Matthews arranged and maintained our electricity during the day. 

All of these groups and individuals gave hours of their time to make the Oyster Festival run smoothly. We could not have done it without them.

We also want to thank our generous financial sponsors: Coast Seafoods/Pacific Seafoods, Recology, Blue Lake Casino, Coldwell Banker Sellers Realty, US Bank, Coast Central Credit Union, Hog Island, Hensel’s Ace Hardware, Tri Counties Bank, Premier Oil Change, Redwood Capital Bank, and Murphy’s Market. 

In addition, Lost Coast Communications, Alchemy Distillery, Wildberries Marketplace, Sesei Magazine, North Coast Journal, The Inn at 2nd & C, Mad River Union, The Benbow Inn, Cypress Grove, Humboldt Oysters, Humboldt Outfitters and New World Water were also very kind with their donated support.

Arcata Main Street is committed to maintaining the Plaza as a vibrant part of our community. The Oyster Festival is Arcata Main Street’s main fundraiser. We use the money we make on this event to fund events during the year to promote Downtown Arcata, such as Sunday Fundays, Explore Arcata/Pizza Feed for new HSU Students, Trick or Treating at Halloween, Day of the Dead, and Season of Wonder and Light, 

Later this summer, we are starting a Micro- Arts Project on the Plaza. We take pride in our ongoing partnership with the City of Arcata and the Downtown Business Community and thank them for their support.

We look forward to seeing you all again on June 20, 2020 for the 30th Annual Arcata Bay Oyster Festival.

Victoria Joyce
President, Arcata Main Street 



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