Letters to the Editor, July 25, 2018

Humboldt State: unethical usurpers

The Village project in Arcata will not solve HSU’s problems.  Mr. Richmond’s letter suggesting that it is Arcata’s moral and ethical responsibility to pass the project is in direct conflict with the unethical way HSU has secretly tried to usurp valuable property right out from under Arcata’s own needs.

The alternative approach presented by Arcata Citizens for Responsible Housing seems reasonable and allows for the very real possibility that enrollment and the need for student housing is further impacted by online degrees and crippling student debt.

HSU needs to look within to remedy issues like declining enrollment, lack of marketable degrees and overall poor morale.  Arcata has done a lot for the students of HSU and there is no doubt that HSU has major positive and challenging effects on this community.

If HSU does indeed need more housing, there is logged-over property for sale directly behind campus that would not create the significant impacts to the community of the current proposed project.   

Uri Driscoll

Glad to be able to vote down the statue

As a citizen of Arcata, I am glad the fate of the McKinley statue will be on the ballot in the Nov. 6 election.  Then I can include my own voice with those who want the statue removed.

This fall, in the months and weeks before the November election, I will be sending opinion letters to the Mad River Union which will express inspiring and persuasive reasons to replace the statue with a gazebo.

Carman Gentile

R.E.A.C.H. Arcata

R.eflect, Arcata!
It’s been a tough year.
A statue, a death...
Buried wounds have reappeared.

E.volve, Arcata!
Local history now unclear.
Will we mend our fractured village?
May peace and grace persevere.

A.waken, Arcata!
Time to switch gears?
Can we still speak with kindness
Or silent smiles of good cheer?

C.onnect, Arcata!
With our hearts and our ears.
We remain a community
Of common values held dear.

H.eal, Arcata!
In our redwood biosphere.
Come, take my hand!
The summer sun is still here.

Moonlight Macumber

Trump’s nothingburgers

Because President Trump met one-on-one with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, there is no actual record of their discussions.

However, Trump did assure us afterwards that there was a denuclearization process in place and we should be able to “sleep well tonight.”  But over a month has passed and Trump recently referred to this process by saying, “We have no time limit. We have no speed limit,” a comment which is less than reassuring and belies his previous statement that we could “sleep well tonight.”

We now must weigh how much credence to give to Trump when, if ever, he tells us what he believes he accomplished during his one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Personally, based on this and his prior record of bending the truth, I think very little.

Sherman Schapiro
Blue Lake





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