Letters to the Editor, July 1, 2020

Constitutional cooties

I have the right not to die from second hand smoke and laws came into effect to regulate cigarette smoke to protect us non smokers. We also have the right not to die from the coronavirus and there are regulations to help keep us safe from contracting it. 

I work on keeping social distance and wearing a mask to keep others safe from my cooties (I can easily be one of the walking asymptomatic spreading the virus via my respiration or speech) so why is it such a constitutional disaster when others are asked to protect their fellow humans by doing the same? 

It is difficult to fully open up our economy when some refuse to be concerned for others and take precautions; yet, those very same people protest that their constitutional rights are being violated because the economy is not opening up to their satisfaction. How can it fully open up if we aren’t mutually protecting each other? 

I have rights and I don’t want people spitting on them so, please, take precautions and let that move us forward in keeping the virus and deaths down and keeping our businesses open and thriving once again. 

Rita Carole

Interchange involved

In Garth Sundberg’s recent letter to the community, he omitted one major fact: Plans for the Rancheria involve building a new interchange along Highway 101 just south of Trinidad. 

This proposed freeway interchange on U.S. Highway 101 will involve the widening of Westhaven Drive – the entire length of Westhaven Drive. This will mean that dozens of residents along this road could lose their homes, since there is no room to widen the road without taking private property.

Caltrans has already made preliminary plans. Go to the Trinidad Rancheria’s website trinidad-rancheria.org and click on “US101 PSR PDS Trinidad Access Project.”

Elaine Weinreb

Make McKinley matter

May I suggest that the town of McKinleyville officially declare that it is named after Takkarist Jaune McKinley. 

He is a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL. 

Carman Gentile

A valiant attempt

I appreciated Steve Madrone’s measured response in the Union to the charges of “racism’ from the Trinidad Tribal Government. I think most people will support a still large 2- to 3-story casino complex with fewer hotel rooms that would use much less of the limited water supplies. 

 It was a valiant attempt by Tribal Chairman Garth Sundberg to play the race card. Unfortunately for him, his target has a long record of supporting what would be a still large 2- to 3-story complex that uses less of the problematic water supply, and a decidedly longer record of being anything but prejudiced against any minority. I understand Mr. Sundberg’s animus for the able Supervisor Madrone. I wouldn’t be happy with the guy who unseated a family member in an election either. 

Characterizing the good citizens of Trinidad as “white invaders” and implying they’re opposition to an overly large development, but willing to compromise on something smaller, equates to “genocide” and “discrimination” is baseless. By the way, is this the same Mr. Sundberg that sent out a letter May 22 to casino employees stating they would not be increasing pay as Bear River Casino had done to make up for lost wages due to COVID-19 restrictions? Actually that was Mr. Sundberg’s casino general manager nephew. No worries, that’s another subject. 

Every capitalist is entitled to healthy profits and as large a project as can be approved, regardless of resources to support it.

Best regards,
John Dillon

Pro-American options

The Northern California town of Fort Bragg is in desperate need of a name change ASAP! 

No self-respecting Californian could ever possibly justify or countenance any town or city in the Golden State being named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg, who was not only a traitor and a slaveowner, but an especially intemperate and incompetent military commander as well. That name is nothing to brag about, Fort Bragg.

Why would any patriotic American want to set foot in a town named after a racist traitor to the republic, like Braxton Bragg? 

Too bad, Fort Bragg, but you’re not getting another dime from me until you change your town’s name! 

Here are some non-Confederate, pro-American options for you. Feel free to choose any one of these as your town’s new name:

 Fort Lincoln, Fort Grant, Fort Sherman, Fort Roosevelt, Fort Eisenhower, Fort Patton, Fort Marshall, Fort Bradley, Fort Kennedy, Fort Powell.

Jake Pickering

A balancing act

President Trump is vowing to veto this year’s proposed defense bill if it includes any amendment that would require the Pentagon to officially rename military bases associated with Confederate generals. 

Perhaps, as an act of appeasement to get Trump to reconsider, Congress could also include an amendment which would, at least for the remainder of his term, appropriately rename the White House after him; call it “Fort Brag.”

Sherman Schapiro

Killer clown

Last week’s events have shown that Donald Trump is not a president. He is a caricature of a clown with his orange hair and skin.

He should be indicted on murder charges for slowly killing our country.

Scott R. Baker

Nurturing beauty

Every nation, every ethnicity has the full range of human expression from glorious and sublime to monstrosity. Those who choose hate out of some deep wounding or ignorant belief system in themselves paint the whole of the Other with the broad brush of the negative minority within them, thus creating stereotypes. 

Can we honor and cherish the good, beautiful, creative work of all, and strive to create love of beauty, of nature and generosity in ourselves to nurture the same in those we met and interact with? 

That is the hope, though all of course know that the greatest challenge is not to be reactive when you are, in varying degrees, mocked and abused for the very vulnerability out of which true generosity is manifested.

There are many complex stories about how all this came about; i.e. the dreadful mess we are in – have always been, actually.

We dream our dreams of Shangri-La, Zio, Brigadoon, the Shire, the Blessed Isles, Rapture, Heaven, America, and think we can get to it by slaughter and the ultimate bullying invention of Sadists, a belief in Hell. I think it is quite clear by now that that approach is not viable.

Ultimately we must face the fact that we live in a vast and mysterious universe, and each of us must choose how we will meet that vastness.

Naomi Silvertree


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