Letters to the Editor, January 3, 2018

In defense of McKinley

The anti-William McKinley crowd should have done better research before branding him a racist and imperialist. Yes, he was a Republican, but a Lincoln Republican.

McKinley was the last American president to have fought in the Civil War. He worked his way from the bottom ranks to become a major in the Union Army.

Following that bloody war, McKinley spent 11 years as a law student and practicing attorney before running successfully for U.S.Congress, where he was the resident expert on protective tariffs.

Gerrymandered out of office, he ran for governor of Ohio the following year and won. Considered a moderate, McKinley ran for president in 1896 against William Jennings Bryan and won.

At the time, America was in a deep recession. McKinley’s economic policies made the U.S. prosperous again.

William McKinley was the first presidential candidate to speak in front of a black church audience, in March of 1895.

After negotiating unsuccessfully with Spain to grant Cuba independence so that Cubans would no longer live in virtual slavery, McKinley declared war on Spain and won Cuba’s eventual independence.

To protect U.S. interests from Great Britain we took possession of Puerto Rico and various other islands, including island chains in the Pacific, such as Guam and the Philippines,

The Hawaiian islands were accepted as U.S. territory as a sort of gift from the new government of Hawaii, which had successfully rebelled against the Hawaiian Monarch prior to McKinley taking office.

Had the U.S. turned down the gift it would have ended up in the hands of either the British or Japanese government, and those islands would eventually have been used as platforms to launch an assault against the U.S.

Incidentally, the chief “diplomat” who sent in Naval forces to prevent the loss of American lives and property was acting on his own, not on orders from Washington, which is why he was summoned home following the Hawaiian rebellion. Fortunately, not one life was lost on either side during the rebellion.

In McKinley’s inaugural speech, he called for “an avoidance of the temptation of territorial aggression.” He was not an imperialist!

But neither was he a friend to the Indian. He presided over the dismantling of the so-called five civilized tribes. While he did pardon Indians who participated in one of the last Indian uprisings, if they were “in the way of progress” they would be jostled aside, treaty or no.

After six months into his second term, McKinley was shot by an anarchist. If Arcata does not want his statue give it to McKinleyville.

William Quinn

Sorry, Mr, Thief

I am so sorry. Had I known you needed those envelopes, I would not have addressed them to family and friends. Now the cards are no good to you. I had planned to personalize them while waiting for my great-grand. Well, maybe they are.

The birth of Jesus was the message on them, the reason for the season. I am so sorry the pen, given to me, has been used for several months. Had I known you needed one, I would have given you a new one. And I am so sorry for that constant ringing, We went from room to room, checked the pantry, microwave, trash, oven, fridge, garage, thinking I may have been having a senior moment,

I understand why you had to turn it off. Guess I had gotten to the car with it after all. Had to run into the P.O. to return mail crates which were given to me with books for the Lions Club Book Sale. So sorry I left temptation in your sight.

I can’t seem to get used to having to lock up every time you turn your back.

You know, there is a certain pride in working and earning the money to buy the things you need. Kmart Papa Murphy’s. McDonald’s and Burger King are all hiring. Numerous help wanted signs around Eureka. Why not try it? You might not be so lucky sometime and have to pay a visit to the Humboldt Hilton.

Or, maybe that free Room and Board is what you want. I am so sorry I had to have the phone turned off. I really can’t afford to pay for you and me. And “Me” won out. Happy New Year.

Bertha Herd

Healthcare concerns

(The following letter was sent to Assemblymember Jim Wood. – Ed.)

In your several public declarations, you have repeatedly claimed you are determined to usher into our state a single-payer, universal healthcare system.

I surely wish, as does our group, Healthcare For All-Humboldt, to have confidence in this proposal. However, we have concerns.

In brief, you have accepted sizeable donations from corporate interests. Although those donations are not recent, they inspire suspicion and mistrust from those of us who have only votes with which to combat this influence. We know how politics so often operates. Our overriding concern is that such influence may be expressed ultimately in a sort of cobbled together healthcare system that includes a profit motive to satisfy those who would enrich themselves thereby.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that any profiteering in healthcare will doom a single-payer system to failure as it has for the few attempts by other states. ANY involvement by corporate interests must be strictly controlled by the state, as they are in other industrialized democracies that provide effective, affordable, universal healthcare. We wonder how committed you are to avoiding this all-too-often occurrence.

Another concern is your claim of necessity for lengthy study. We have no objection to a thorough-going process. However, SB 562 has been jailed for over six months. There have been three days of input from the Select Committee, which has no power to enact any resolution or law.

We understand Rome was not built in a day, but at least one must suspect the Romans were working every day until it was.

We understand it cannot be done at once but we want to see real progress. I listened to seven hours of testimony from this last committee event and heard very little of a nuts and bolts contribution to actually constructing a single-payer system.

Compared to what is set out in SB 562, which at least presents an actual proposed structure of how it might be built, (a proposal deserving augmentation, amendment, discussion, etc.) that would result in the actual implementation of such a system, these discussions, so far, have not been impressive! Neither, by the way, have we heard from anyone about the validity of the Pollin Report that effectively fills that obvious gap of funding in the bill.

We also are concerned that the result of these discussions might terminate in an “incremental” approach to providing healthcare. This idea, again, is doomed to failure as so many stop-gap programs have illustrated, being attempts to cobble together a half-baked solution to our national healthcare crisis. We do not want to see this repeated in any way in California!

These are some of the issues which bedevil our wish to believe and trust in your insistence on getting to the finish line. You could do a lot to allay our fears by addressing them in a very public manner. Maybe SB 562 will never see the light of day. If a viable, single-payer, universal system, free of encumbrance by corporate interests, emerged from the ashes, we would be delighted. But if any of the alternatives are presented in its place, I cannot begin to convey to you our disappointment at such confirmation of our worst fears about you and about the fate of our great state.

Sincerely yours,
Patty Harvey
Director, Healthcare For All-Humboldt

The Party of Greed

President Trump and the GOP have touted the recently passed Tax Cut and Jobs Act as a big boost for the middle class. Well, while U.S. taxpayers will see an average tax savings of $2,000, a true middle class taxpayer might see a savings in the $1,000 range with lower income earners seeing far less.

On the other hand, people making millions will fare far better saving many thousands or even more. It is estimated that the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner should save at least $5 million annually while Trump himself saving double that.

And as if these annual savings weren’t enough, another change has doubled the estate tax exclusion which means that Trump and four of his cabinet members are also in line to save an additional $4.5 million each in estate taxes when they leave this earth. Certainly these savings dwarf those predicted for the middle class.

Given how much this act bestows on the wealthy taxpayer who really doesn’t need it, I would say the GOP has now earned itself a new name, the POG or Party Of Greed.

Sherman Schapiro
Blue Lake

Thank you from family

The family of Erin Henry would like to relay our thanks to all who assisted in the search for Erin.

To the Arcata Police Department and all assisting law enforcement agencies, the faculty and students of HSU, local media, The Lost Coast Trackers, the people of Arcata, Eureka and all surrounding communities who mobilized and helped search for our precious Erin, we would like to express our deepest gratitude.

Although Erin was found deceased, she was at least found. This was as a result of the information shared by thousands in Humboldt County. Thank you to the Caltrans employee who diligently reported finding a knee scooter, after being made aware of Erin’s disappearance and description.

We would also like to encourage others suffering from depression, or related ailments, to seek help. Please help to eliminate any stigma associated with needing medication or treatment in order to function as a happy, healthy human being.

You can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1(800) 273-8255.

A very deep, heartfelt THANK YOU!

From the family of Erin Henry


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